Saturday, January 07, 2006


Start Your Engines: It's Detroit Auto Show Time!

Events' Annualized Economic Impact

Summer Olympics $700 million
NAIAS* $580 million
Daytona 500* $554 million
Super Bowl XXXVII $367 million
Indianapolis 500* $336.6 million
New York International Auto Show* $187 million
Ryder Cup $114 million
Oscars* $63 million
Kentucky Derby* $53 million
Major League Baseball All-Star Game $52.5 million
World Series* $40 million
*Estimated annual economic impact.

Official Site




"Inadvertant fathering while on a break"


Starbucks Economics

"Here's a little secret that Starbucks doesn't want you to know: They will serve you a better, stronger cappuccino
if you want one, and they will charge you less for it. Ask for it in any Starbucks and the barista will comply without 
batting an eye. The puzzle is to work out why."


News from the North, January 7

"I don't even have to go down that road, and you guys should check yourself about asking me that," Mitchell said testily. "When you walk away from the scrum,
you ask yourself what you asked me, where it's coming from, and then you tell me are you really asking me a proper question. And that's all I'm gonna say."

Friday, January 06, 2006


Let's see whether this Bill Clinton story has legs


Veronica Mars

I know that Veronica Mars is a TV show (Link)

but an awful lot of folks with secrets can't wait to share them with her:

Tell Veronica Mars


Retail: Promising new comic strip

Click on title above to be taken to the comic's daily site.

Article about its creator:



The Trademark Terrorist

One of many instances where I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Click on images to read:

You can buy t-shirts with logos such as these:

Partial list of "licensed word marks" for whuch you may get sued:
Word Marks

New York Times:


Most bloggers are ...

Gaping Void


Her site is much more creative than mine

Alana's Bananas


Rare opportunity (too late)



Role reversal?



The best comic strip



Microsoft censors Chinese blogs



Bad ligaments (but no-wait MRIs)

Click on image to read.


News from the North, January 6


What happened to English teachers?

Click on image to read.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


But things could be worse

Todays Home & Garden News


I think I got a ways to go

Weblog Awards


And from the left

Just ain't right


OK, let's add some political opinion from the right

Abramoff is NOT a Republican


Blingo: Win prizes while searching Google

I have no intention of doing this, but I wanted to test my new trick for opening a link in a new window.



Adjust your TV


So now where will we go to hear Wayne Newton?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


NYT on evolutionary trends in suburban homes


Recent photo of me

(Creative Commons licence; photo by Paul Jones,


Brilliant film; we saw it the other night

Good Night, and Good Luck


January 4 stuff

"A ton of useful information about screenwriting" in a blog:

A NYT article about "Macaroni and Lots of Cheese":

A friendly warning from Pete Townshend:

Staci did a much better job of communicating that:


Some December stuff 1

"Truly inspired" baby names for 2005


Some December stuff 2

Popular baby names for 2005


Some December stuff 3

Behave when you fly

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