Saturday, January 14, 2006


Trial Lawyers for Public Justice doesn't like Netflix settlement

Text of legal objection

Friday, January 13, 2006


RIP Sidney Frank: Jägermeister, Grey Goose, Crunk billionaire

Frank was raised in poverty on a chicken farm in Montville; his blankets at night were the remnants of flour bags his mother stitched together. Frank knew from an early age that he hated farm chores.

His first entrepreneurial effort came at age 7: He charged friends 10 cents to use a ladder to climb a rock for a good view of Long Island Sound.

After the war, Frank married Louise “Skippy” Rosentiel, daughter of the owner of Schenley Distillers. He worked for the company through the 1960s and opened his own distribution company in 1972.

His first big discovery was Jagermeister, a German liqueur little known in the U.S. Frank famously promoted the product by hiring “Jagerettes,” models who went to bars and convinced college-age students to buy the drink. Sales topped 1 million cases in 2003.

Using a similar strategy, Frank began promoting Grey Goose Ultra-Premium Vodka in 1997. The company moved 1.4 million cases of the alcohol in 2003.

“He’s almost like the Warren Buffett of the spirits industry,” Michael Harrelson, editor of Nightclub and Bar, a trade publication said of Frank in 2004. “His choices in the spirits he chose to buy into are very carefully weighed and considered, and he doesn’t just throw something out there to try to attract some interest.”

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Museum of Hoaxes



In case of sofa emergencies, call ....

News article

Dr. Sofa's home page


SCOTUSblog: reactions to the Alito confirmation hearings


Yes, I'll date you. And you. And you as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Canadian election getting nasty

Liberal campaign ads

Liberal TV ads

Conservative campaign ads

Conservative TV ads

Media commentary:

Toronto Star

Winnipeg Sun


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Apple Day

At Macworld San Francisco 2006, Steve Jobs announced a bunch of new Apple products today. Some of the anticipated blockbuster devices were not included, but you might want to know about:

1.) The so-so ad for the new Intel-chip equipped Macs:

2.) The new iPhoto which introduces "Photocasting, an innovative new way to share photos directly from within iPhoto via .Mac to friends and family.

Photocasting is like Podcasting for photos where anyone can subscribe to a published photo album and automatically receive full quality photos directly within iPhoto 6 or on a PC. Pictures automatically update when the owner adds, edits or deletes a photo within the published album.

Stay tuned. Eventually.

3.) If you want to watch the Keynote Address (as usual, great fun) go to:


4.) An FM radio attachment for the iPod.



News from the North, January 10





4-Year-Old Trumpet Prodigy

Scroll on left of this link for video


Friday Night Lights: Cornering freedom in China

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A blog for the autophile


Legions of bloggers, not so many readers


If You Look Like Your Passport Picture, You Probably Need The Trip

Strange Photos


Sudoku solving jumps from print to TV in Britain


It's the biggest day in radio since the first day of radio. Sure!

Yahoo Site


Sony Reader. The iPod of books?


Interesting new CUV (crossover utility vehicle): Ford Edge

The Ford Edge crossover utility vehicle (CUV) is expected to be one of the stars of the Show. Edge’s bold design will turn heads in the CUV market – the fastest-growing vehicle segment in the US with over 2 million sold in 2005.

"The new Ford Edge is modern, stylish, sporty and will inject a healthy dose of American design and personality into the hot crossover market," says Peter Horbury, Ford’s executive director of North America Design.

Edge is powered by Ford's new 3.5-litre V6 engine and new six-speed automatic transmission – which help deliver a dynamic driving character and impressive fuel economy. All-wheel drive will be offered. The CD3 platform is derived from the Mazda6.

Inside the new Ford Edge comfortably seats five and is big on details and innovation: MP3-player, console laptop storage, panoramic Vista Roof™ , 20-ounce cup-holder is included in each front-door pocket, along with juice box holders in the rear door pockets, two super-size cup-holders in the center console and two in the rear armrest.

Edge goes on sale in North America during the fourth quarter of 2006.


Mouse takes down house

Sunday, January 08, 2006


The Million Dollar Homepage - Own a piece of internet history!


Tasmanian Penguin Jumpers


A photo tour of the amazing VW Factory in Dresden


Fishing Humor


Old Lady Pwnz Mercedes Guy


This will make you smile


I'm working on our family letter

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Happy Birthday, Elvis (and M.)

Elvis Birthday "Beach Bash" Dance Party

8:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight. Graceland Ticket Pavilion. Celebrate Elvis's birthday with a view of Graceland while having fun at the beach! At the Elvis Birthday Beach Bash, dance to Elvis music with a dee-jay taking your requests. Enjoy fun beach-themed contests and decor and chances to win Elvis door prizes. Everyone will receive a birthday cupcake during the party, and goodies will be given at the door. Admission: adults $20.00; children 7-12 $10.00; children 6 and under admitted free. Advance tickets available via the Graceland sales/reservations department. Phone: (901) 332-3322 or (800) 238-2000. E-mail: NOTE: This event is sold out, but do check with our staff to see if there have been "no-shows" or some other circumstance making extra tickets available.


"I'm an obsessive and addicted multitasker and gadget user",8816,1147136,00.html


Baltimore "lives on junk food" but Chicagoans are fatties

Comment in an e-mail from a Baltimore resident:

You gotta be kidding!!!!!


Political blogs: There's a lot of anger on all sides


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