Friday, June 16, 2006


The Naked Scientists Online, Science Radio Show

The Naked Scientists Online science radio show and science podcast utilises streaming technology to allow you to hear science, medicine and technology news, discoveries and breakthroughs being discussed by scientists and researchers, and includes interviews with famous scientists of world-class reputation.


Odeo: Listen to Thousands of Podcasts (and more)


Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver.


Podcast Pickle: Focused on Podcasters and the Podcasting Community


Yahoo! Podcasts - Discover and enjoy all the best podcasts and vidcasts Links Miniblog - Self Publishing - Free - Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything


Paul's Tips - Self help, Success, Money, Relationships & Motivation


RMail - Read a blog in your inbox

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Steven D. Krause’s Official Blog

I am an associate professor in the department of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI


Google Guide: Using Search Operators (Advanced Operators)


CyberWyre » Data Mining on the Internet with Google - Making A Living 100% Online


Sky Sports - World Cup


The Dan & Ben Show

The Dan & Ben Show
Because there can never be too much useless crap on the internet. Urethra S. Hurdin, Editor



Featured Illinois bloggers and commenters talk about state and local politics


Zoho Writer - Online Word Processor - Live presentations on the web!


ThinkFree Online beta - The best online office on earth - free 1GB online file storage

Thursday, June 15, 2006


The Marmot’s Hole



Wednesday, June 14, 2006


YouTube - Peace Takes Courage Lowery


World Cup Full Coverage on Yahoo! News



Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Basic Negotiating for Fun and Profit by Steve Pavlina


BBC SPORT | World Cup 2006 Blog | From our reporters in Germany


CBC- Sports - World Cup 2006


Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog

Ask MetaFilter is a discussion area for sharing knowledge among members of MetaFilter. There is also a filtered view of this page showing just questions with "best" marked answers and another page of fantastic questions and answers suggested by members.


Stix Blog


Your General Health Information Library: Keyword Search, Category Search, Recently Published Information


eMedicine Clinical Knowledge Base


CiteULike: A free online service to organise your academic papers

CiteULike is a free service to help academics to share, store, and organise the academic papers they are reading. When you see a paper on the web that interests you, you can click one button and have it added to your personal library. CiteULike automatically extracts the citation details, so there's no need to type them in yourself. It all works from within your web browser. There's no need to install any special software.


ESPNsoccernet - World Cup Index


Goal Post: Franklin Foer's World Cup blog

Monday, June 12, 2006



Flavor of Peru is the heat of the moment



Musings, links, and occasional rants by Rebecca MacKinnon, a recovering TV reporter-turned-blogger.


Baseball Musings


Clusty the Clustering Engine


Human Rights Watch - Defending Human Rights Worldwide




Anderson Mobile Estates: Where the stars live when on the set

You deserve the best... Anderson Mobile Estates


The top news headlines on current events from Yahoo! News




Webshots - Photo Sharing

Sunday, June 11, 2006


German blog on pop culture


ytmnd - you're the man now dog!


Pink Is The New Blog | Fingers Firmly On The Pulse


adidas football ads - Funny Pics & Cool Flicks


The Latest from Brightcove


Never Coming Home: Slate interviews


MediaStorm: A Multimedia Production Studio Founded by Brian Storm


NIKE GRIDIRON : AIR ZOOM SUPER BAD (made with Gallery 2)


Gallery | Your photos on your website | Nice PC program


Blue Star Chronicles


Crooks and Liars


Truth Serum


Gateway Pundit


Mudville Gazette

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