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The Daily Nightly began on May 31, 2005. As Brian wrote in his first post it aims to provide a narrative of the broadcast day and a window into the editorial process at NBC Nightly News. Regular contributors include Brian and NBC News correspondents around the world, as well as producers and staff from the Broadcast Standards department.


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Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO Burning Man 2006, "Hope and Fear: the Future" at Black Rock City (Monday, August 28, 2006)


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Schrödinger's cat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Schrödinger's cat is a seemingly paradoxical thought experiment devised by Erwin Schrödinger that attempts to illustrate the incompleteness of an early interpretation of quantum mechanics when going from subatomic to macroscopic systems. The experiment proposes:

A cat is placed in a sealed box. Attached to the box is an apparatus containing a radioactive atomic nucleus and a canister of poison gas. This apparatus is separated from the cat in such a way that the cat can in no way interfere with it. The experiment is set up so that there is exactly a 50% chance of the nucleus decaying in one hour. If the nucleus decays, it will emit a particle that triggers the apparatus, which opens the canister and kills the cat. If the nucleus does not decay, then the cat remains alive. According to quantum mechanics, the unobserved nucleus is described as a superposition (meaning it exists partly as each simultaneously) of "decayed nucleus" and "undecayed nucleus". However, when the box is opened the experimenter sees only a "decayed nucleus/dead cat" or an "undecayed nucleus/living cat."

The question is: when does the system stop existing as a mixture of states and become one or the other?ödinger's_cat

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Potty break mic snafu: CNN’s Phillips chats in the loo during Bush speech


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A Barbaric Yawp

Always and Forever the Uncivilized Barbarian - In the Zone

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Where's Waldo?


Ace of Spades HQ

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Fireflies in the Cloud

I just woke up to find this blog was today's Blogger "Blog of Note" and I'm getting gajillion hits from the front page of Blogger. Thanks, Blogger! I think the post they noted is five entries down. The Top Ten Stupidest As Seen on TV Products. | Blank Video Media Quality Guide

This guide originally started out as a single-page reference for those who wanted to buy high quality DVD media, with information on which discs are good and which discs are not so good. As time has gone on, and a few years have passed, the subject has grown more and more complex. We have also been asked several times to include articles on CD and VHS/S-VHS media.


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Sometime editor, all-the-time mother, delivering facts, reviews,
commentary, and rants. Occasionally in that order.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Web Guitar Wizard Revealed at Last - New York Times


Urbanista Online

Two years ago, Cate Edwards was just like any newcomer to New York. Sure, she might be the daughter of former vice presidential nominee John Edwards, but that didn't disqualify her from the rite of passage all new Manhattanites face -- where is the best place to get shoes resoled, who has a reliable florist and what salon has an affordable manicure and pedicure.
"I'm sure this is the case anywhere you go, you need a little help and guidance," she said. "These are basic, everyday living services that we all need but don't know where to go."

Now, Edwards, who grew up in Raleigh and graduated from Broughton High School before going to Princeton University, wants to share Manhattan navigation tips with other newcomers.

She recently teamed up with a former co-worker to create, a Web site that acts as a Rolodex of sorts to help young New York newcomers settle in.



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