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What’s With the 712 Area Code? -- Alec Saunders .LOG

Ever wonder why it is that FuturePhone, Radio Handi, FreeConferenceCall, and PartyLine Connect all have access numbers in the 712 area code?   These services all provide “free” services to you.  There’s “no catch”. You just have to make a long distance call to get them. 

So how do these services get paid, and why are the access numbers all in Iowa?

The short answer is tax subsidies. The 712 model, as I refer to it, is really a variation on the 900 number model, but financed by taxpayers. Take a low cost call, terminate on a high cost carrier, and pocket the difference.

The first of these subsidies is the Universal Service Fund.  Tiny Iowa, with just under 3 million residents last year, was the recipient of $86.5 million from the USF.  The USF pays for maintenance and improvements to those local telephone plants, in addition to subsidizing user fees for local residents.  The cost basis to provide service in those communities is dramatically lowered.

The second subsidy is the tarrif itself.  Most Iowa telephone companies (and there are a lot!) participate in the NECA Access Fee Pool.  The NECA publishes a tarrif, which each company participating agrees to use, and then they split the revenues.  The termination charges for those tarrifs are a significant source of revenue for the local phone companies.  And, because they’re rural, the charges are often steeply higher than to terminate in an urban setting.  In the “NFL” cities, you might expect to pay 6 to 8 tenths of a cent per minute for termination.  The NECA tarrif is closer to 3 whole cents.  Arbitrage the subsidized rural rate against your costs and, presto, you’ve got a winner!



Singing McDonalds Drive Thru Order -


Healing Iraq


FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog


Books, Readings, and Lectures in New York City - New York Magazine


Prisoners: Jeffrey Goldberg


They met in 1990 during the first Palestinian uprising—one was an American Jew who served as a prison guard in the largest prison in Israel, the other, his prisoner, Rafiq, a rising leader in the PLO. Despite their fears and prejudices, they began a dialogue there that grew into a remarkable friendship—and now a remarkable book. It is a book that confronts head-on the issues dividing the Middle East, but one that also shines a ray of hope on that dark, embattled region.

Jeffrey Goldberg, now an award-winning correspondent for The New Yorker, moved to Israel while still a college student. When he arrived, there was already a war in his heart—a war between the magnetic pull of tribe and the equally determined pull of the universalist ideal. He saw the conflict between the Jews and Arabs as the essence of tragedy, because tragedy is born not in the collision of right and wrong, but of right and right.

Soon, as a military policeman in the Israeli army, he was sent to the Ketziot military prison camp, a barbed-wire city of tents and machine gun towers buried deep in the Negev Desert. Ketziot held six thousand Arabs, the flower of the Intifada: its rock-throwers, knifemen, bomb-makers, and propagandists. He realized that this was an extraordinary opportunity to learn from them about themselves, especially because among the prisoners may have been the future leaders of Palestine.

Prisoners is an account of life in that harsh desert prison—mean, overcrowded, and violent—and of Goldberg's extraordinary dialogue with Rafiq, which continues to this day.

We hear their accusations, explanations, fears, prejudices, and aspirations. We see how their relationship deepened over the years as Goldberg returned to Washington, D.C., where Rafiq, quite coincidentally, had become a graduate student, and as the Middle East cycled through periods of soaring hope and ceaseless despair. And we see again and again how these two men—both of them loyal sons of their warring peoples—confront their religious, cultural, and political differences in ways that allowed them to finally acknowledge a true, if necessarily tenuous, friendship.

A riveting, deeply affecting book: spare, impassioned, energetic, and unstinting in its candor about the truths that lie buried within the animosities of the Middle East.




Ann Althouse


GoodTree - The homepage that supports charities

How much money do my searches make for charity?

Every time you search, about a penny goes to your charities. Doesn't sound like much, but pennies add up – the search industry is an over $7 billion-a-year business. In the meantime, we're working on even more ways for your everyday online activities to support your causes.

Who we are

In 2004, James Currier — Founder of,, and — had a vision to create an online service that would harness the Internet to benefit charity, and with a team of engineers and designers in San Francisco, launched GoodTree in the summer of 2005. The team was highly dedicated, working nights and weekends to complete the first version of the product. Due to corporate changes and transitions, GoodTree went offline in November 2005, and was relaunched in July 2006.

GoodTree was built in the belief that meaningful change can happen one small step at a time, and that even busy people care enough to use a service that does good for others. Those of us working on the project have a desire to bring more meaning to our work by making a difference using the tools we have at our disposal — the Internet — and by helping others to make a difference too.

Los Angeles, California

I LOVE GOOD TREE. All my friends do it now, and I love raising money for good causes. I WANNA GROW MY TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jumpcut - Make Amazing Movies Online

"Verdict: Playing with Jumpcut's features, you immediately understand that the future of online video is here. No current competitor can touch it."

If you want to alter your video online in any way--through editing, remixing, or combining your clips with those from other users then head on over to Jumpcut and don't look back. Jumpcut really offers the first leap forward in online video sharing"


Find and Compare Cheap Airline Tickets, Hotels and Car Rentals from multiple travel sites | BookingWiz was founded by a group of Internet entrepreneurs to help travelers easily locate the best deals from the best travel supplier for each particular request.

Our team of experts analyze the various travel sites based on a number of strict criteria and only include companies that are truly offering great service and value to consumers.

These are then sorted according to the likelihood that they will offer the best travel options for that particular request.

The top 6 to 8 options are highlighted for the user but the entire universe of eligible sites is also made available.


PR. Differently

PR. Differently

Chances are, we as publicists could stand to think a little different. A little more "weird." A little less by the book, and a little more "out there." We could probably stand to try things a little differently. Things that weren't "done that way before" because "we've always done them that way before." We could probably stand to break a rule or two. Perhaps I can offer a few ways to help us think - just a little bit different. And that includes occasionally thinking about things that might not be 100% about PR. A Blog from Peter Shankman, CEO of The Geek Factory, a PR and Marketing boutique firm in New York City.


Mike's Points

Mike's Points
Why Mike's Points? I'm providing "points," comments & links about PR, journalism, blogging, branding, marketing & other items of interest. Plus, I'm "pointing" you to various public relations, journalism & blogging resources.


Pajamas Media

If a single thought-provoking weblog can find a large audience, might 70 or more linked together start a revolution?

That's what Pajamas Media hopes to find out. Backed by $3.5 million in venture capital, the nascent media company has gathered some of the most highly regarded bloggers on the Internet at one site (, hoping, as co-founder Roger Simon puts it, "to be the place for breaking Internet opinion."


RealClearPolitics - Iraq



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Social Bookmarking With Ma.gnolia

How is Ma.gnolia different from other social bookmarking services? It
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With contacts, groups and different ways to share bookmarks both
within and outside of Ma.gnolia, we make working together on a casual
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Hardee's TV ad


WTF Is It Now??

 Whiskey Tango's all FUBAR now


Netvibes: Your personal webpage

Welcome to Netvibes!

This is your personalized page, you can now modify everything: move
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The International Storytelling Center

Storytelling is as old as humankind yet as new as this morning's news headlines.

We have told stories since the beginning of time. They are the narratives of life, spanning the centuries and connecting the generations. They are the vessels in which we carry our history and traditions, our values and lessons for living, our hopes and dreams.

Storytelling encompasses virtually every facet of human endeavor. This ancient tradition is at the heart of the human experience and is just as vital today, just as much a thread of our social fabric, as ever before.

Inspired by an international renaissance of storytelling, people around the world are turning to the ancient tradition of storytelling to produce positive change in our world.

The International Storytelling Center—to further infuse storytelling into the mainstream of our society—is building on our 34-year history to promote the power of storytelling and its creative applications to build a better world.

The National Storytelling Festival


Free iTunes Downloads



If someone has sent you the link to this page, then it's most likely
because you are one of the many netizens who doesn't know what emo is
and more importantly, thinks they do. The emo people are one of the most
discriminated against online, causing us to retreat to our live journals
and myspace in fear.


Emo Kid --- Adam and Andrew


Adam and Andrew


The Pitchfork Report

Any similarity to coverage provided by other websites not explicitly mentioned is purely coincidental


The Travel Insider (click here)

A series of articles that suggest new ideas for things to see and do
on vacation, and which provide practical advice on how to plan for
and optimize your travel experiences.

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Stem Cell Transfer


Shing-Tung Yau

Harvard Math Professor Alleges Defamation by

New Yorker Article; Demands Correction

Leading Math Scholars Decry Fictions Surrounding Fields Medal, Letter Says

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everything Google Spreadsheets has to offer.

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HP Personal Again

The thing that first caught my eye about these HP ads, though, was their spectacular visuals. The ads are captivating. When Jay-Z unfolds his imaginary chessboard, or Shaun White plays his imaginary guitar, there is a smooth, effortless flow to the graphics that suggests your HP notebook will make computing just as easy and fun.

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Election Scorecard predictions

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Official Homepage - Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea)

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