Saturday, February 03, 2007

reactable: basic demo #2

Super Bowl Mumble - Go Bears


Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows


Apple Insider News and Rumors


Review: Mac OS X Shines In Comparison With Windows Vista - News by InformationWeek

Amid the hype surrounding the release of Windows Vista, Mac users are taking solace from the fact that OS X is still a champ on many fronts. Here are some reasons our reviewer John C. Welch opts for Apple.


Apple can do all that!

Microsoft Vista feature presentation with the video replaced by a OSX desktop

Conan vs. Serena at Wii Sports tennis


Welcome to the O'Reilly Digital Media Center

O'Reilly's Digital Media site applies our expertise in computer technology to the rapidly changing world of creative media.

Friday, February 02, 2007



I had little interest in the stockmarket before Wallstrip…now I’m hooked! - Cammy - Wallstrip Viewer

“This is a riot! Cramer as Dr. Phil!” - Dylan Ratigan - Host of CNBC’s Fast

“When I showed it to Jim (Cramer) today - he was crying with laughter - Dylan
- Host of CNBC Fast Money


Retro Junk | Hey I remember that

Your memory machine for Movies, TV shows, Commercials - Super Ad competition - Official website of Super Bowl XLI - Official Site of the National Football League


Super Bowl Ads: 2007 - IFILM


Super Bowl Commercials 2007 - AOL Sports


AOL Canada - Super Bowl 2007 - Ads


Zebro Sketch Comedy

"It's not so hard to see why Zebro, the Boston-based comedy troupe of
recent and soon-to-be college grads, packs a standing room-only show
at the ImprovBoston every Tuesday. Their freewheeling shows are spit-
valve releases of "Mr. Show"-esque detritus, a near-ramshackle
combination of skits, stand-up and video that's rare for a city that
favors the more traditional comedy club circuit"

-Zeth Lundy, The Boston Metro

What is Zebro?

Zebro. is a comedy troupe based in Boston.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Lost Remote TV Blog

Back in 1999, Lost Remote began blogging (it wasn’t called “blogging” yet) about how technology will revolutionize the television industry. From TiVo to TV websites, we posted the latest news, analysis and a few bold predictions. But not many people listened back then.

They are today. Thousands of media execs read Lost Remote’s daily coverage of the vast changes technology is bringing to the television business. Our weekly email newsletter is a staple at local TV stations, cable channels and the networks. Our jobs page is thriving with digital media positions. And the revolution is just getting started.



Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Curriki - WebHome

Welcome to Curriki

The Global Education & Learning Community

Our mission is to improve education around the world by empowering teachers, students and parents with user-created, open source curricula, and it's all free!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Evolution of Dance

Comedian dances to clips of music from the 60's to the 2000's


Vidmeter - Tracking the top videos from Atom Films,, Daily Motion, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, vSocial, Yahoo, and Youtube

Vidmeter gathers data from across the web to provide an accurate representation of the most popular online videos. While it is impossible to tell the exact number of views a given video has received from every website and every download, Vidmeter gathers the reported view count from a large cross-section of web-based video sites, giving a very close indicator to the relative popularity of a video. Vidmeter gathers this data like so:

First, Vidmeter's software automatically records the numbered of views and comments from the top listed videos on Atom Films,, Daily Motion, Google, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, vSocial, Yahoo, and Youtube once per hour.

Second, Vidmeter editors "merge" similar videos on multiple websites. This allows Vidmeter to count the views of a video on all websites as a single video, giving a more accurate ranking of a video's popularity and not just a URL's popularity.

Third, Vidmeter automatically ranks videos for the day by counting the difference between that day's view total and the previous day's view total. The most viewed videos are the most popular and ranked highest. For videos that are new (that do not have a previously recorded view count), the first view count is listed under "before" as we cannot necessarily tell on which day those views occurred. On some days videos will show a negative comment number, this is because some networks allow users to delete comments and thus lower the total comment count.

Fourth, the latest view and comment counts are set as the "all time" counts for the videos and they are ranked accordingly.

Vidmeter's resulting list of video provides a great tool for industry watchers to track trends in online videos, for marketers to see what's hot, for makers and advertisers to track their video's popularity, and for eager video watchers to get their fill of the most poplar entertainment online.


OneVoice Movement to Empower Israeli and Palestinian Citizens Against Violent Extremism

Since the inception of OneVoice in 2002, this grassroots movement has
taken a bold approach to engaging Palestinians and Israelis in greater
civic involvement. Spawned during a time of hopelessness and
frustration following the collapse of the Oslo process, the OneVoice
movement strives to empower the moderate majority of Israelis and
Palestinians to take a more assertive role in resolving the conflict.



Firedoglake - Libby hearing

Barack Obama: The Drawing Board


Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog

I keep track of Condoleezza's hairdo so you don't have to.

Human Slingshot


Google Operating System

Monday, January 29, 2007


the david all group :: websites, online marketing, political strategy, republican

We deliver results for Republicans through modern media strategies.




Hardblogger delivers opinions and analysis on the latest political news by MSNBC anchors, correspondents, analysts and contributors. Whenever news breaks, Hardblogger will break it down, so check in often.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


ArchitectureChicago PLUS


Don’t Call. Don’t Write. Let Me Be.

Don’t Call. Don’t Write. Let Me Be.

How to get your name off lists, so sales people won’t call, junk mail won’t come, and spam won’t clog the in-box.

The fears of the direct marketing industry came true. Once a do-not-call list was created, people did register, in droves. 

The list was created in 2003, not as a way to protect privacy, but to remove a powerful irritant from the lives of Americans. The Federal Trade Commission, which administers the list, says that more than 137 million phone numbers have been placed on the list by people tired of interruptions during dinner or their favorite TV show. 

The popularity of the do-not-call list unleashed a demand for other opt-out lists. A consumer can now opt out of the standard practice of their banks or loan companies selling their information to others. Other opt-outs stop credit card companies from soliciting consumers or end the flow of junk mail and catalogs.


YouTube -FOX News Blast

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