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Dallas Food: What's a Noka worth?

If you are still seeking the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, have you considered a box of Noka chocolates?

Both you and the recipient may be in for a surprise. A 12-piece box costs $39 before tax and shipping. And for that you will get 0.9 ounce of chocolate. Not 0.9 ounce a piece, but 0.9 ounce in the entire black and silver box.

Do the math and that comes to $693 a pound. Buy just four pieces in the Signature stainless steel box and you are paying more than $2,000 a pound, making the Noka chocolate more expensive than delicacies like caviar, saffron or black truffles.

How can anyone justify paying that much for a gift? Economists have struggled over that question for years, suggesting that anything other than a cash gift is inefficient.

But the high-end sector in retail is red-hot, whether it’s superpremium vodka, tequila, blue jeans or chocolate. The luxury goods market, which exists by convincing people they are getting higher quality or higher status by paying a premium, was stronger in the last holiday shopping season than that for more prosaic products.

And while cash cards have proved popular during Christmas, a gift card, even one festooned with red hearts, does not quite seem appropriate for this romantic occasion.

The question of how much of a premium is reasonable in gift-giving recently nagged at a blogger who writes about local food at the site. In a 10-part series that can only be called investigative blogging, he tried to justify Noka’s price. He analyzed the marketing of the chocolate with lawyerlike logic and came to the conclusion there was little special about it. He noted that the company, just as other chocolatiers do, buys bulk chocolate, called couverture, from chocolate makers, who process the cacao. But while truffle makers like Michael Recchiuti or Michel Cluizel charge a mere $80 or $85 a pound for their treats, the markup for Noka could be as much as 50 times the wholesale cost of the couverture, the blogger estimated.


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John Chow dot Com The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul

John Chow spends about two hours a day on his blog, johnchow. com. For that time, Mr. Chow says he made $3,440.66 in ad revenue last month. That's a nice little egg from his part-time labour of love, a Web log that runs under the secondary title: The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul. It may not be the $100,000-plus monthly earnings of some sites, but it's good beer money and 10 times what he made five months ago when his blog started earning ad revenue.


Check Tonight

CheckTonight launches the first online service to verify users have tested STD-free

The Progam Details
1. Signup free in 30 seconds and create your CheckTonight account.

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Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before

Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, using equal area cartograms where territories are re-sized on each map according to a particular variable.

In the map on the left the territories are proportional to their land area. In the one on the right the territories are in proportion to their population. The largest is China, bright green. The next largest is India, orange. Are you surprised by the relative sizes of Japan, purple, or of North America or Africa ? Population is just one variable. Every map is of a different variable, and the sizes of each territory are in proportion to the value of that particular variable.



This Web site is dedicated to the support of Conrad Moffat Black in his current battle with grandstanding U.S. prosecutors and a hostile left-wing press. More than that, it is our grateful and long overdue acknowledgement of His Lordship's life's struggle to confront, with unflagging courage, the Brobdingnagian forces of Canadian small-mindedness, parochialism, mediocrity and failure.

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Super Bowl Ads: 2007 - IFILM


FKF Applied Research -- Super Bowl XLI Ad Rankings

FKF Applied Research, LLC and Professor Marco Iacoboni of the UCLA Ahmanson Lovelace
Brain Mapping Center have released their Second Annual Ranking of the most
effective Super Bowl ads using fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
brain imaging. Many of the Super Bowl ads stoked regions of the brain
associated with anxiety, including the amygdala. The best testing
advertisements, such as the: 60 "Video Game" ad for Coca Cola, fired the
region of consumers' brains associated with positive emotions.
    "This clearly was the year of the amygdala, the brain's 'threat
detector.' Compared to last year's ads there was much more anxiety, and far
less positive emotion in these highly touted commercials, said Dr. Joshua
Freedman UCLA Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and a co-founder
of FKF Applied Research. "Much of the anxiety seemed caused by violence,
but was also rooted in economic fears. The Nationwide ad had a spike when
Kevin Federline was revealed to be working in fast food, and also when the
GM robot turned out to be OK but afraid for its job."
    Arguing about which ads are best has been an integral part of the Super
Bowl experience. Now, UCLA and FKF are employing a technology that has
revolutionized neuroscience to peer more deeply than traditional methods
like focus groups into the question of which ads are really effective with


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Foreign movie


Attractors - hours of fun




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Welcome everyone! I can’t say it’s been a long time coming, because it hasn’t. Our great team has turned this site from an idea into a reality quicker than I could ever imagine.
MacApper is a blog which covers new application previews, reviews, interviews with developers and much more. We have a lot of things planned which we are looking forward to putting into action in the coming months.


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