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Deyrolle: The Strangest Shop in All of Paris



Welcome to

Weblo is a virtual world based on the real world. Members earn real money by owning online replicas of real cities, states, famous properties and internet domain names. Members also claim FREE celebrity gossip fan sites. Members create sites and get paid for their popularity via internet advertising. Owners of cities and states earn additional money from transaction fees in their territories and by selling their virtual investment properties for a profit

.com is a virtual copy of the real world and a way for anyone to make money on the Net. Members make sites on their favorite people, places and things and make the content as relevant and interesting as possible. brings commerce to social networking and helps members earn money for doing what they already do on the Internet: make pages, find friends, send messages, participate in forums, discussions and blogs, upload and create content, share and vote. How do members get paid? Revenues are primarily generated through advertising revenue and the selling of Weblo Assets for profit.

Everyone makes money at!  Once you own Weblo Celebrity Fan Sites, Properties or Domains, you can make sites and sell them for profit. The more interesting they are, the more traffic you'll get, the higher your ranking will be and the more money you'll make – all while increasing your assets' worth and potential resale value.

Kind of like a recreation of the Internet inside of the Internet, offers members the chance to build webpages about their favorite people, places and things. When visitors come to members' sites, the revenue generated from advertisements is shared between and the owner of the page.

In, strategic planning is rewarded with higher revenue potential. For example, owning a city or state offers higher earnings as mayors and governors make commissions on all transactions in their territory as well as a percentage of advertising and membership fees. Go one step further and create strategic alliances with fellow Weblonians. Global domination has never been more fun. How much of the world do YOU own?


Links to Record Breaking Sites


Digital-Lifestyles (alpha remix)

Digital-Lifestyles (alpha remix)
Reporting the effects of Technology on the Media


Don Markstein's Toonopedia (click here)

A Vast Repository of Toonological Knowledge

 Welcome to the world's first hypertext encyclopedia of toons — which will soon, I hope, come to be regarded as the Internet's most comprehensive source of information about the U.S. toon scene.

So, what's a toon?

A toon is a cartoon or cartoon character — "cartoon" referring not just to the animated kind, but also to such "still cartoons" as comic books, newspaper strips, magazine cartoons, etc.

Here at Don Markstein's Toonopedia™, we take a very broad view of what constitutes a toon. The basic idea is to cover the entire spectrum of American cartoonery. 


Newspaper Visual Editors blogs

Charles Apple:

Thursday, March 01, 2007


LA Weekly

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


CSTV Post Up | Are you fan enough?

Post your NCAA fan video here


The Four Word Film Review

The fwfr is a film review site like no other- an ever expanding collection of extremely brief film reviews and summaries.

Submissions are welcomed from anyone- the only condition being no more than four words may be used.

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De La Rey

South African (Afrikaans)


Song Wakens Injured Pride of Afrikaners - New York Times


Webware: Cool web apps for everyone



Mac App Reviews, Previews, Interviews, and Giveaways


Isolator (for Mac)

Isolator is a small menu bar application that helps you concentrate. When you're working on a document, and don't want to be distracted, turn on Isolator. It will cover up your desktop and all the icons on it, as well as the windows of all your other applications, so you can concentrate on the task in hand.


Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide


Sentencing Law and Policy blog

A Member of the Law Professor Blogs Network


Jossip - Celebrity + Media + Manhattan news and gossip


The Official Site of The Puffy Chair Movie


Mutual Appreciation - A Film by Andrew Bujalski


Webware: Cool web apps for everyone


Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center



Mac App Reviews, Previews, Interviews, and Giveaways

Monday, February 26, 2007


Bad Oscar Fashions '07 (click)


Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily (click)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


World66 Travel Guide - Wiki Guide to Destinations Worldwide

Travel Info
World66 offers travel information on over 20,000 destinations. Almost 80,000 articles written and updated by travelers like you!


LA Times: Academy Awards/Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes Nominations - Complete Awards Show Coverage


I: Episode One

A video blog takes over a young man's life. A continuing interactive web series where subscribers' comments can affect the story.
Episode One: I feels someone watching.


Why I got fired from Apple Computer


Healing Iraq

Daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq by an Iraqi dentist - tech news/reviews/guides


Entertainment hourly | BUZZSUGAR


Apple - Movie Trailers - 79th Academy Awards


Oscar Nominees - Yahoo! Movies


Super Size Me - The Debate

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