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MacNN | Apple, Macintosh and iPod news

The Macintosh News Network is the premier source for Macintosh and iPod news, reviews, discussion, tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews. MacNN publishes dozens of news stories related to Apple, iTunes, iPod, and the Mac industry, tracking the latest developments in the computer, Apple-related, Mac, online music, and iPod markets. Since late 1995, company executives, IT managers, consultants and end-users have relied on the Macintosh News Network for timely information around-the-clock. MacNN has a presence at almost every major Macintosh-related conference to provide its readers with the most punctual news coverage possible.

MacNN also offers a dedicated Reviews section, a flourishing IRC chat network and and a large, established discussion forum with more than 50,000 members -- one of the largest Mac-related forums on the Internet.


Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: It's the future of Windows ... Today!

 Microsoft Completes Windows Vista!

It's here! After five long years, Microsoft has released Windows Vista. I've been busy over the past five years providing exhaustive coverage of pre-release versions of Windows Vista, but now the real fun begins: Check out my Windows Vista Activity Center for a full set of Windows Vista content, including a fully revised Windows Vista FAQ, all-new screenshot galleries, and of course my multi-part Windows Vista review. And if that isn't enough, be sure to check out the history of Windows Vista in my Road to Gold series, a handy series of reader tips in Windows Vista Tips, and in-depth looks at individual Vista features in my Windows Vista Feature Focus articles. And of course there will be many other Vista articles in the weeks and months ahead. You won't find more comprehensive Windows Vista coverage anywhere! --Paul

It's the future of Windows ... Today!

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows is dedicated to providing all of the information you need to evaluate important upcoming technologies, including Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Office, and Xbox 360, plus related digital media, Internet and home networking, and competing technologies. This Web site provides continuous updates about these future products and technologies, while offering reviews, technology showcases, FAQs and other articles all designed to give you the information you need to decide which upcoming technologies are right for you. If it works with or competes with Windows, I'm probably looking into it.


Apple iPhone Review

About Me

Apple iPhone Review is your source for balanced news on the iPhone, from a non-Apple-fanatic.

I put this blog together to track the happenings of the Apple iPhone, from the time when it was just a rumor through its launch at Macworld 2007 and beyond its debut in stores this June.

I think the folks at Apple are great artists, but they're not gods. That means you can read this blog knowing that it's not the biased ramblings of a "gahgah for Apple" fanboy.

Anyway, enough about me. Send me an e-mail and tell me what YOU think.



Ontario Milk Skater


Ontario Dairy Farmers- Milk Rap

We be chillin


Presidential Election 2008 Full Coverage on Yahoo! News

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WebFerret is a Desktop MetaSearch Utility for Windows.
WebFerret lets you search the web quickly and thoroughly by instantly submitting your search query to multiple search engines, and displaying all of the results in a single concise window

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Late Night Political Jokes - Late Night Jokes Updated Daily

March 28, 2007

"Hillary Clinton said today that public appearances with her and Bill would be rare. The only thing more rare? Private appearances with her and Bill." --Jay Leno

"McDonald's has a new hamburger out. The one-third of a pound hamburger. ... I'm not saying it will clog your arteries, but they're calling it the McCheney." --Jay Leno

"While you folks were applauding, Mrs. Giuliani remembered another marriage." --David Letterman

"During an appearance before the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, or MOOBLA, President Bush denounced setting a specific date for withdrawal [on screen: Bush saying, 'If the House bill becomes law, our enemies in Iraq will simply have to mark their calendars']. It's not quite that simple, Mr. President. Remember they're on the Islamic calendar. ... By contrast, the president is saying our commitment is more open-ended [on screen: Bush saying, 'Iraq's leaders know that our commitment is not open-ended']. So we can't set a deadline, but our commitment is not open-ended? Basically, what he's saying is we are definitely leaving Iraq sometime between now and ... the end of time. Wait, not the end of time. I don't want to give a date." --Jon Stewart

"So Congress and the White House headed for a standoff. Neither side willing to give an inch. What's an occupying country to do? Democratic Senator Mark Pryor has the answer, proposing that we pick a withdrawal date but keep it a secret. That way, when we withdraw, the enemy will just be confused." --Jon Stewart (Watch video clip)

"Executive privilege is a special right of privacy asserted by presidents when they don't want you to hear about something bad they did. ... Think about it. How often will a president say, 'Oh my God, these memos prove I've behaved ethically throughout my term in office. Destroy them!' ... Presidents invoke it in cases ranging from burglary to sex to raising dogs for money in the White House bowling alley" --Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman (Watch video clip)


BBC - The Apprentice - Home

Sixteen candidates, two eagle-eyed advisors and one self-made millionaire. Sir Alan Sugar is back to test the nerves and brains of the hungriest hopefuls in the business world.

Yes, The Apprentice is back and we will see the candidates compete to win a six-figure salary job and the chance to become Sir Alan Sugar's apprentice.

Over twelve weeks the candidates will take part in the toughest recruitment-drive on television. As Sir Alan says, "this is a job interview from hell...."

Sharing a luxury townhouse in a fashionable part of London, they will be split into two teams and given a weekly task with which to expose their entrepreneurial abilities.

For those on the winning team a taste of the executive lifestyle awaits in the form of a luxury treat. For the losing team, they will discover that, unlike his name, Sir Alan Sugar is not so sweet.

The losing team's project manager must choose two members of the team whom he or she thinks performed worst to accompany him or her back into the boardroom.

The three of them have to defend their respective corners whilst Sir Alan and his trusted advisors, Margaret Mountford and Nick Hewer decides which of them will hear the words they dread: "You're fired".

Over the nail-biting journey the candidates will endure and enjoy (at times), a fight for survival. Only one of them can win so be prepared for plenty of sour-grapes along the way...


Karl Rove, adviser to President Bush, put on an unusual display of rhythm, rap and beat-boxing during the Radio and Television Correspondents' dinner in Washington, D.C


Amazon Mechanical Turk - Welcome

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Conan - iPhone Commercial

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


YouTube -Video Award Winners

 2006 was a pioneering year for online video, user-created content and the YouTube community. You let us into your bedrooms, created new forms of entertainment, and radicalized popular culture. Now it's time to reflect on what a tremendous year it was and recognize the best of the best during the first YouTube Video Awards.


Movie mistakes - goofs, bloopers, pictures, quotes and trivia from thousands of movies

Sunday, March 25, 2007


ChaCha Search - Connect and search with a live ChaCha Guide

Why ChaCha Search?

ChaCha combines the best of the web's search engines with the human intelligence made possible by a vast community of skilled search experts. Learn How


Search With Kevin

About is a search engine that offers you the chance to win cool prizes from Kevin Federline every time you search. We believe in rewarding our users for their loyalty and our prizes are our way of thanking you. No registration is required. Try it, you'll be hooked - we guarantee it!


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