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YouTube - Bruch concerti


YouTube -Underground Contest Winners


Conic - Juggling in a Cone (Preview)

Thursday, April 05, 2007


My Humps - Black Eyed Peas


Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 is drawn from news reports gathered by a diligent staff of political junkies. is not affiliated with any political campaign or political party.


Susan Coll, author of Acceptance, A Novel

With the pathological eagerness of an honors student seeking extra credit, Susan Coll’s comic novel ACCEPTANCE pursues three high school seniors on their quest to land in their first-choice school. AP Harry, who commits to memory the admissions statistics of every Ivy League school, dreams of Harvard. Taylor Rockfeller, Harry’s troubled, mail-stealing neighbor, just wants to enroll at school that is both far from her social-climbing mother and equipped with private bathrooms. Maya Kaluantharana has set her sights on obscure liberal arts Yates College, while her parents fuss that she must follow in her older sister’s footsteps at MIT.

ACCEPTANCE finds the humor and the humanity in the feverish pursuit—by parent and student alike—of a spot at one of U.S. News & World Report’s top fifty schools. Writes Kurt Anderson, author of Heyday, “Having just sent one kid off to college and with a second now preparing to apply, I had shivers of recognition again and again as I read ACCEPTANCE. Fortunately, each shiver came along with its corresponding several smiles and chuckles. Susan Coll has written a dead-on satire that's also full of heart, which is a rare achievement.”

“Susan Coll could make hell fun—and she does.” —Marilyn Johnson, author of The Dead Beat: Lost Souls, Lucky Stiffs, and the Perverse Pleasures of Obituaries

“Acceptance is A+ entertainment—witty, clever and unpretentious. Excellent reading for all, but a MUST READ for anyone with teenage children.” —Anita Shreve

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The New York Observer


Vanity Fair

Brisbane native Michael Ware has spent the past several years covering war zones for Time Magazine as well as Australia’s Channel 7. Until May of 2006 he was Baghdad Bureau Chief for Time, and has now joined CNN as part of their Baghdad team.

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Google Interactive Transit Map for NYC Subways

Click on a point on the map on the right to set a starting point on your route. When you click on another point, the program will display the shortest subway route between those two points, including walking time on each end.


PBase Photo Database - Photo Hosting - Photo Sharing - Web Photo Galleries

The primary mission of is to be the best photo sharing and photo hosting web site.

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Vote for the Worst (click)

We're back! was started in 2004 to support voting for the entertaining contestants who the producers would hate to see win on American Idol. Why do we do it? During the initial auditions, the producers of Idol only let certain people through. Many good people are turned away and many bad singers are kept around to see Simon, Paula, and Randy so that America will be entertained.

Now why do the producers do this? It's simple: American Idol is not about singing at all, it's about making good reality TV and enjoying the cheesy, guilty pleasure of watching bad singing. We agree that a fish out of water is entertaining, and we want to acknowledge this fact by encouraging people help the amusing antagonists stick around. VFTW sees keeping these contestants around as a golden opportunity to make a more entertaining show. is reporting that a source close to Sanjaya's family says that those of us at are "jerks" and their message to VFTW is: "Thanks guys, but he doesn't need your votes." On the contrary, we think this report is fishy. First of all, a source "close to the family" means it's not actually his family. We think Sanjaya is smart enough to know any press is good press. And secondly, Sanjaya has been embracing his VFTW-ness recently with fun performances, crazier hairstyles, and more sass. We think Sanjaya's in on the fun. So to the Malakar family: feel free to contact us, we love Sanjaya and we would love to see him win. The true haters are the people out there who bash him and say he sucks. Wrong. Sanjaya is the best thing to happen to American Idol in years, and we'd love to chat with the Malakars because we love them so much! Shyamali, Momjaya, and anyone else, you can contact us .


Bratz Kidz sing about Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol


Sanjaya Anthem


Sanjaya Malakar- You really got me now


Shath Hassoun Video


Star Academy 4 - Week 2 - Evaluation - Group 1

BAGHDAD: After enduring one of the bloodiest weeks in Iraq's sectarian conflict, Iraqis have united in celebrating the win of an Iraqi woman in the hit pan-Arab television talent show Star Academy.

Shatha Hassoun, 26, fell on her knees on stage and wrapped the red, white and black Iraqi flag around her shoulders after learning she had won the most votes in the reality show, which is broadcast from Lebanon and is one of the most popular programs in the Middle East.


Welcome to WorstPreviews™


Trailers for the Masses


The Office Word Scramble

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