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Jane Stillwater's Iraqi Web Log

Jane Stillwater is an unlikely war correspondent. She's 64, a self-described Berkeley 'flower child, 40 years later' and broke. So how did this mother of four grown children end up in Baghdad, churning out commentary ranging from shock at Thursday's bombing of the Iraqi parliament cafeteria, to the weirdness of touring Saddam Hussein's bathroom?

Inspired by a sense of outrage and determined to blog from inside the war zone, Stillwater ate peanut butter sandwiches for months to save up for a ticket to Kuwait. She got a small Texas newspaper to help her secure press accreditation, and eventually boarded a troop transport to Baghdad.

'I'm really glad I came,' she said Thursday by phone from the Coalition Press Information Center in Baghdad's Green Zone. 'I don't know whether I would ever come back.'

Some of her entries deal with everyday life during wartime. Others are strongly political, musing on issues like using violence to fight violence in what she sees as the 'broken egg' of Iraq.

'It's like being on an adventure with somebody,' said W. Leon Smith, editor of The Lone Star Iconoclast, the Texas newspaper that sponsored her request for press accreditation. 'She's like an ordinary person that's over there ... people can identify with it.'

To some, the idea of a grandmother with no formal journalistic training dropping everything to report from Baghdad seems far-fetched. But not to her friends.

'Having known her for many years and having seen her do things that nobody else would think of taking on ... she's a pretty irrepressible force of humor and passion mixed together,' said Kriss Worthington, a Berkeley city councilman.

Stillwater said Baghdad 'is insane. The Green Zone, it's like East Berlin in 1955. And outside, it's like 'Blade Runner.' People are trying to lead normal lives, and there's so much going on and there's firefights.'

Many of Stillwater's postings have dealt with her frustration at being relegated to the U.S.-protected, fortified Green Zone. She said she has twice been stood up by Iraqi Army officials who promised to take her on an excursion outside the area.

When she went to Iraq, Stillwater was for immediate troop pullout. Now, she's not so sure what's the best way forward.

'What I realized is it's just very, very complex,' she said.

She said the troops are 'really nice, they're really doing a good job. It's just that they've been assigned a job that's screwed.'

Reaction to the blog tends to be love it or hate it. 'People will say, 'Hey, you're an idiot,' or, 'Hey this is wonderful and we're so proud of you',' she said.


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I am the owner of this site. I was born, grew-up and live in the Boston area. I'm a long time liberal and son of liberals. A Perenial voter for the Democratic Party. A Reagan-hater and two-time Clinton voter. Somewhere along the line, something happened, however.

I became one of those people, like David Horowitz, who began to have "second thoughts." (Does that make me a "neo-con?") This blog is the product of those thoughts. It's a way to sort of make notes to myself and maybe vent a bit about the things I read. If others would like to stop by and get something out of it, so much the better.


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Sadly, No! is a liberal/progressive humor site based in Germany, originally as a project of founder Seb, but since 2004 operating as a group blog, currently with American contributors. It has daily traffic between 7,000 and 15,000 visits.

Sadly, No! won the European "Satin Pajama Award" for Best Humorous Blog in 2004, was a Koufax Award (the main award of the liberal blogosphere) finalist in 2003 and 2006, and was featured as Cruel Site of the Day by Internet stalwarts in June, 2005. In December, 2005, the site won a Weblog Award in the 'Best of the Top 251-500 Blogs' category. In December, 2006, the site won the Weblog Award for Best Humor Blog.

The site's main running joke is in finding embarrassing slips or untrue statements by conservatives and linking to a refutation, saying, "Sadly, No!" Other running gags include posting pictures of conservative columnists on Internet dating sites, battling with a "singing troll" who sends homemade songs deriding the site's contributors and commenters, and doing line-by-line putdowns of columns by Christian evangelists and other right-wingers. Sadly, No! also occasionally publishes phony columns at right-wing sites, and engages in other pranks.

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Instructables TV is a new video feature that will be released along with a new instructable every week. For the first installment Tim zaps tired Nicad batteries with a mig welder to bring them back to life. Tune in next week to see what we can make using our newly rejuvenated drill.


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007 Political Action: Democracy in Action

Virtual Town Hall
Meeting on Iraq will host a series of "virtual town hall meetings" this year with the candidates for president. The first one, on April 10, focused on the war in Iraq. Progressives gathered in over 1,000 living rooms, bars, libraries and back yards to hear from 7 Democratic contenders (map of events). This summer, we'll hold two more Town Halls, on health care and global warming.


Thirty letters in my name: Hari Jagannathan Balasubramanian

Notes on literature, history, travel, and fiction


826NYC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students, ages 6-18, develop their writing skills

Stinky Cheeseman

by Alex, age 7

One day, there was a cheeseman. He had bacon for a mouth, and he had two circle crackers for eyes. One day he went out to get some errands. He bought milk and what he used to eat was only hotdogs with no buns. Then he met a person made from ham. He had ham for a head and for his body. He had salami for arms and legs, and he had a sausage for a mouth. And he was a vegetarian.

One day they both went to the movies. Now they were friends. The movie they were watching was Star Warts. And then they did everything together. Then they became fry cooks together. They worked at a restaurant named Fresh Meat. They had burritos, they had burgers, they had fries. They even had chicken fries and meat fries. Actually, meat man's name was Hammish, because he was made from Ham. On the fringes of the public sphere

A personal blog
by Michael Froomkin
University of Miami
School of Law


TMZ coverage of Anna Nicole Smith

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