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Zero G - The Weightless Experience

Like Nothing on Earth!

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly like Superman can now be yours. Train with an expert coach, board our specially modified aircraft, G-FORCE ONE, and experience the unforgettable.

Experience zero gravity the only way possible without going to space. Parabolic flight is the same method NASA has used to train its astronauts for the last 45 years and the same way Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13.

Book a seat on one of our regular flights conveniently based in Las Vegas, Nevada and at the Kennedy Space Center, near Orlando, Florida. The aircraft is also available for charter flights anywhere in the United States for groups, incentive trips, parties or team building.


Map sites: topographic, aerial, etc.


Projectors, Projector Reviews, LCD Projectors, Home Theater DLP Projectors at

Political cartoons, video, news


The Smirking Chimp - News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy


AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth


Ezra Klein - Tomorrow's media conspiracy today


Haydn Cello Concerto Rostropovich 1981



Women professors in the physical sciences: a few. Women professors in the physical sciences at research universities: even fewer. Women full professors in physical sciences at research universities, especially mine: very very few, miniscule, microscopic, a nano-amount. But we exist!

I am a full professor at a large research university, and I do research in the physical sciences. The physical sciences include chemistry, physics, astronomy, environmental science, geoscience, oceanography, and related fields. I am married, have a young child, and manage a research program. I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses, even though some undergraduates (and others) have trouble believing that I am a *real* professor. I have the greatest job in the world, but this will not stop me from noting some of the more puzzling and stressful aspects of my career as a Female Science Professor.


Chip butty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the United Kingdom, a chip butty is a sandwich made with bread (usually white and buttered) and chips, often with some sort of sauce such as tomato ketchup. [1] Depending on the region, the dish may also be known as a chip sandwich (in Australia), chip muffin, chip barm, chip batch, chip bap or chip teacake.

The chip butty is a common dish throughout the UK, and many chip shops sell them, primarily as an affordable snack. Chip butties may also be made impromptu by including a couple of pieces of bread with a main dish, such as fish and chips. Variations on the seasoning for the sandwich, apart from ketchup, include salt and vinegar, brown sauce, curry sauce and gravy.


I like mine like this:

fried egg
chilli sauce



Hi Dondrei,

Sacrelidge !!! Screw the egg and chili sauce. A real chip butty is just hot chips in between white buttered bread. Anything else is just culminary masterbation. 




New York Food: Chip Shop

The food at Chip Shop certainly does its share, too. My cod and chips ($9.50) featured two large hunks of fish, lightly battered outside, moist and flaky inside, resting on a plateful of fries accompanied by two lonely green leaves. The fish was fresh enough that it didn't need the lemon or tartar sauce, except for variety. My co-worker Dave — who was living in England a year ago, now lives in Brooklyn, and acknowledges that he is "familiar" with Chip Shop — suggested two sides: the bread and butter ($1) and the curry sauce ($1.50). Spread butter on the thick slab of white bread, fold into a pocket, pile on the chips, pour on the curry.

This assembly also comes ready-made, Dave noted, as a "chip butty," but I'm fond of the hands-on approach at the table. The sauce turned out to be a very sweet, somewhat spicy brown curry with onion and chunks of red and green peppers that soaks into (but not through) the chips and the thick-sliced bread. It's almost sweet enough for a dessert.


The fried macaroni ($4) is "bloody lovely" as advertised; it's a pale yellow mass that's crusty outside, still moist inside. Our group also had a go at assembling "chip buttys" from bread and butter ($1), layered with chips, and topped with curry sauce ($1.50). 

For dessert, we opted for three deep-fried items ($3 each): the Twinkie, which virtually vaporized in the heat; the Mars bar, which held up better but still tasted less chocolatety than the room-temperature version; and a rich banana with chocolate sauce.


A Salt & Battery - West Village - New York - Yelp

This place is the greatest Fish & Chips place in all of Manhattan. This is also coming from my fiance who grew up there too. The fish is really crispy, fresh and delicious. The thing is... you have to realize that fish & chips are deep fried and will be a little oily but it's a hole in the wall type place that has excellent cod and they even have tango (which is a very popular soda in England). Although they don't have tango in the original orange flavour they do have fruit mix and apple. (Both are equally delicious) The chips are your typical fries... I suggest getting more fish than chips. Or skip the chips all together. Go right next door to see other imported foods, candies and other things from England :)


Where there is a fried candy bar, there is me, munching away happily on its greasy chocolatey deliciousness.

This place is fantastic (and fantastically small!) with charming service.  There are several types of fish to pick from (for those of you wanting to stray from the well-trod cod path), as well as plenty of seriously English dishes.  They have a much bigger menu than I expected (savory pies!  pickled onions! battered beets! mushy peas!  fried fruit!) and the food was spot-on in authenticity and quality.  The chicken bites were meaty and tasty (there's a slight layer of curry marinating each piece) and the chips were perfect for vinegar lovin'.  

And...they have LION BARS!  Whenever I hop the pond, I stock up on these amazing candy bars (think a Snickers meets a Twix and has an even tastier baby).  To have it deep-fried was such a joy to me and my addled brain--though the wafers didn't really translate well to being heated.

All in all, the best fish and chips I've had Stateside!


The Second Coming; W. B. Yeats (1919)

The Second Coming         
Turning and turning in the widening gyre 
The falcon cannot hear the falconer; 
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; 
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, 
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere 
The ceremony of innocence is drowned; 
The best lack all conviction, while the worst 
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand; 
Surely the Second Coming is at hand. 
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out 
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi 
Troubles my sight; somewhere in sands of the desert 
A shape with lion body and the head of a man, 
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, 
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it 
Reel shadows of indignant desert birds. 
The darkness drops again; but now I know 
That twenty centuries of stony sleep 
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, 
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, 
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


Empire Burlesque - High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium


Maps - Satellite, Street, Theme Maps - National Geographic in U.S. politics data

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TSG TV: Video Clips From The Smoking Gun


MilkandCookies - videos


SugarJar - Music Videos Galore


Roy Orbison - Crying (music video)


Roy Orbison and k. d. lang - Crying


PreciseNews - Cutting Edge News & Commentary


Celine sings duet with Elvis on American Idol


7 Seven Minute Sopranos


TV Crunch: A TV tabloid for television junkies

TV Crunch is part of the PopCrunch network which covers all things Pop Culture. TV Crunch, as you might have guessed, focuses on TV shows and TV stars.

What sets us apart is that we dish tv dirt. You'll notice that at TV Crunch, we don't just do tv show recaps, but we stir the pot, get dirty and make TV gossip fun.

If you need to know the latest scandals and controversies to hit the airwaves, look no further than TV Crunch…your television tabloid.


Victor Carlos animation

Hey Hey Hey... I'm Victor Carlos. 4th year BAA/Animation student at Sheridan collage. As most in this program, I love to draw and make ideas come to life. Welcome to my World.


The Terrible Error of the Replacement Mayor (Nick Thornborrow)


nick thornborrow's art


Global Direct Investment Solutions - Home Page

April 23, 2007 - fDi magazine has announced the 2007/08 North American Cities of the Future selections.


Exit Zero -


Moderate Risk (extreme cubicle aversion)


Michael J. Totten's Middle East Journal


small dead animals

Why this blog?

Until this moment
I have been forced
to listen while media
and politicians alike
have told me
"what Canadians think".
In all that time they
never once asked.

This is just the voice
of an ordinary Canadian
yelling back at the radio -
"You don't speak for me."


Angry in the Great White North

Angry makes Canadian news almost palatable!

Rondi Adamson

Angry in the Great White North, probably THE best conservative poli blogger going right now.

curt at North Western Winds

This blog gets better every single day. One of the best out there - anywhere.


'most moonbatish wacko right-winger post of the year'




Pissed on Politics is the premiere site for discussing Politics and News with absolutely no holds barred and no pulled punches.

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MSNBC - First Read: The day in politics

First Read is an analysis of the day's political news, from the NBC News political unit. First Read is updated throughout the day, so check back often.


Webkinz on Parade


Webkinz - Unbelievable News of the Year


ABC News: Is the Webkinz Craze Bad for Kids?

Is the Webkinz Craze Bad for Kids?

Interactive Toys Are Hugely Popular but Keep Kids Glued to the Computer


April 12, 2007 — - Remember the Tamagotchi craze? Or Beanie Babies? Put them together and you've got Webkinz, the latest toy phenomenon that's sweeping the country and worrying some parents whose preschoolers are spending hours online.

Each stuffed animal Webkin toy comes with a secret code on its tag that allows children to log on to the Webkinz Web site to adopt the animal. Once logged in, a child is welcomed to the extensive online Webkinz world, where they can play games to earn "Kinzcash," a kind of online currency used to purchase food, clothes and toys for their animal's online home.

In addition, Webkinz recently announced that it would offer a new component to the Web site. "Clubhouse" will be a way for kids to chat with each other. The company says it has put in many safeguards on language and security to protect their young users.

"You can play with them on the computer, or you can play with them as stuffed animals," 9-year-old fan Zoey Denenberg said. "So it's sort of like you get two things."

Flying Off the Shelves, Causing Controversy

The multitasking toy has gained a popularity reaching epic proportions with children as young as preschoolers. Retailers have trouble keeping them on the shelves. When a long overdue shipment finally arrived at The House in Millburn, N.J., the store sold out in two hours.

"Webkinz are a big craze right now in the youth market," said Adrienne Citrin of the Toy Industry Association. "They merge together online gaming communities, plush toys that kids love to nurture and interaction on the Internet."

Not everyone, however, is caught up in the craze. In Boston, Wessagussett Primary School recently banned the stuffed animals from the premises. And some parents feel conflicted about the newest toy obsession.

"It's one more thing to distract them from going outside or reading a book," Jody Boches said.

Mother Irene Heifetz said her children sit at the computer from the moment they get home from school until she threatens them with restricted computer access if they don't go do their homework.

Screening the Screens

Webkinz aren't the only high-tech option drawing kids to the computer. Many Web sites, like and, now target the preschool set. And several software programs exist that aim to lure kids to the computer before they have even mastered their ABCs.

So what's the best strategy for parents of Webkinz-crazed kids? "Good Morning America's" parenting contributor Ann Pleshette Murphy offered several suggestions:

First, balance the time your children spend in front of a screen -- whether for gaming or TV viewing or chatting with friends -- with play that engages all of their senses. This is especially important among young children, who need opportunities to use their imaginations in open-ended play.

Encourage them to use blocks or a shoe box and doll furniture to create an offline world for Webkinz pets. Make sure he or she is getting lots of active playtime, too. Sitting in a chair and staring at a screen isn't going to do much for a child's growing body.

As challenging as it may be, set reasonable limits on screen time -- approximately an hour per day total for young kids. Explain why you want your child to turn off the computer and play something else; or better yet, join your child in some kind of activity that requires creativity, some physical exercise or turn-taking.

Finally, the social aspect of sites like this also needs to be monitored. Pastimes like instant messaging and logging onto social networks are better left to tweens and teens. Social networking among younger children should take place on the playground.

The bottom line: Too much time in front of a screen takes away from activities that young children need to grow and develop their minds and bodies. So don't be afraid to say, "OK, that's enough for today. We'll check on your Webkinz tomorrow."


Webkinz® - Important Message from Webkinz World

We at Webkinz World are fully aware that members are using tools to attempt to cheat on our site. We want to make our position on the use of these tools very, very clear.
First of all, remember that any attempt to circumvent the security of our site violates the User Agreement. Accordingly, any use of a cheating tool will lead to the immediate and permanent termination of the account on which the tool was used. Whether the account has one pet or 50, the account will be closed. All codes for pets on the closed account will remain used.

You will not receive a warning, and it will not matter whether you have used the tool (or used other means to attempt to circumvent the security of our site), once or many times.

Also note, as we have stated before, all activity that occurs on an account is the responsibility of the member who is registered on that account. If a "friend" or anyone else used your account to cheat on our site, you will still be the one who loses your account.

If you ever find a large amount of KinzCash on your account that you know you did not achieve, DO NOT USE IT. Contact us immediately and we will remove the excess KinzCash and you will not lose your account.

We have already terminated the accounts of dozens of members who have cheated on our site. It saddens us each time we have to close an account, but we must protect the security of our site and we will continue to do so.




Welcome to Webkinz® - a Ganz website

What is Webkinz?
Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net!
Notice: Webkinz Clydesdale Delayed
Important Message from Webkinz World
Can't see the Login or New Member buttons?
If your account is expiring soon, find out how to renew it!

In an effort to meet a growing demand, the Webkinz Clydesdale has been delayed and will now be shipped to stores in late May, and should be available at your favorite Webkinz retailer by early June.
The Clydesdale looks to be a new favorite, and we are producing more than enough toys to meet the initial demand.
We apologize for this delay and thank you
for your continued enjoyment of Webkinz World.






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All about Everything...

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Nora, The Piano-Playing Cat


Beer Ratings, brewer, brewpub, bar, beer reviews and more

Over one million times, beer reviewers worldwide have raised a glass to review a new beer. We've tallied their scores and the exciting results are now in.

As it has been for the last 6 years, RateBeer Best was again the largest beer competition in the world -- over 1 million reviews of 59,000 beers from over 7300 brewers worldwide were tallied. A particular emphasis was placed on tastings from the last nine months. Additionally, brewpubs, bottle shops, restaurants and bars around the world were awarded prizes. Cheers to all the winners and to everyone who keeps the magical world of craft beer growing!

Strongly supported by solid tasting experience: Even though the competition judging is fairly open to all consumers, the vast majority of ratings, 88%, were submitted by persons with over 100 tastings reported.

Limited American bias: Of the top 20 master raters, each with over 3400 ratings, only 25% are American.

RateBeer Best is a beer competition unique in its independence -- it is not supported by big brewers and distributors

Unlike other beer contests, the emphasis was placed on tasting commercial samples -- not special batches prepared for festivals.

The best 100 beers in the world as rated by tens of thousands of our worldwide tasters. All beers listed are gold medal winners

All beers listed are gold medal winners. (Note: In some instances the displayed scores are equal for beers of different places. This is not an error. Our calculations simply render much greater detail than we can display.)

All brewers listed are gold medal winners. (The total number of brewers in our contest is 5,836. The 100 listed represent the top 1.7% of all brewers -- the creme de la creme or world brewing; a greater percentage of the population qualifies as genius for comparison.) | Foreign Policy Remarks at CCGA

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs


The House Next Door - TV, film, etc.

The House Next Door

A long, strange journey toward a retrospectively inevitable destination


Ryan: I'm Here For EVERYONE! Give Me A Call! 7742531962


Tumaini Kids!

     Tumaini Children's Center 
    Location: Nyeri, KENYA

TumainiKids is one of the first blogs written by OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children) on the internet, and is part of the Hope Runs project. To find out more, see or!


Partying with the Stars: Oscars: (click here)


The Sopranos: And what about Paulie Walnuts? - By Jeffrey Goldberg and Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine

Sopranos Final Season


How Netvibes helped me cram the whole Internet onto a single screen. - By Reihan Salam - Slate Magazine

If Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo!, eBay, Facebook, and Satan were forming a mega-portal that would satisfy all my Web needs (and in return I'd have to sell my soul and get a Bluetooth-enabled "slave chip" embedded in my eyeball), I'd be like, "What's the catch?" Don't get me wrong. I don't want to go back to the days of dial-up AOL, when "The Internet" was a tiny button above my "You've Got Mail" splash page. Still, it would be nice to have an online command center, a storehouse for everything I do on the Web. Imagine all of your favorite search engines, news feeds, music, photo streams, and social-networking sites wrapped together in a neat and tidy package.


As soon as you go to, you can start customizing your homepage. While Google Homepage starts out as a mostly blank slate, the default Netvibes layout gives you a good sense of the service's capabilities. There's a notepad, a to-do list, headlines from the New York Times and Wired, sports scores, and a four-day local weather forecast. The default mode also has four search boxes—for general Web search, blogs, images, and videos—that can toggle between different search engines. And most important, there's a module that allows you to keep up with the e-mail account of your choice: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, .Mac, or even your POP account. You don't have to be a Web genius to figure this stuff out. Most users—my parents, for instance—would be quite happy with this default setup, and they wouldn't even need to call an IT guy to help set it up.


So, Netvibes isn't exactly the homepage of my dreams. But it's getting there. All those quirky, buggy modules are getting better, smoother, and more sophisticated. Unlike the tools you add to Google Homepage or My Yahoo, Netvibes modules have a consistent, clean look. Most important, you get the sense that Netvibes wants to unite all warring tribes—Amazon and eBay, Google and Yahoo, dogs and cats, Sanjaya and Simon—under a single Ajax-enabled roof. Call me crazy, but I think they're going to pull it off.

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John Edwards Feeling Pretty

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