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Sony BRAVIA - The Advert

The Clean Up

Our latest TV ad - featuring massive paint explosions - took 10 days and 250 people to film. Huge quantities of paint were needed to accomplish this, which had to be delivered in 1 tonne trucks and mixed on-site by 20 people.

The effect was stunning, but afterwards a major clean-up operation was required to clear away all that paint!

The cleaning took 5 days and 60 people. Thankfully, the use of a special water-based paint made it easy to scrape-up once the water had evaporated.

Keeping everyone safe was also an important factor. A special kind of non-toxic paint was used that is safe enough to drink (it contains the same thickeners that are sometimes used in soups). It was also completely harmless to the skin.



Clio Awards - Winners - 2007



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Bobby's Portable Restrooms

Bobby's Portable Restrooms is the premier provider of portable restroom facilities for the special events industry. We offer a complete line of portable restrooms, including single stand-alone restrooms and wash stands, ADA approved handicap accessible restrooms, high volume restroom trailers, and luxurious restroom trailers. Whether your event is small or large, casual or formal, we have the perfect solution for your portable restroom needs.


The Presidential Series of portable restroom trailers is designed to pamper your guests in comfort and luxury. The elegant styling and superior craftsmanship create an atmosphere of lavish extravagance, while remaining amazingly affordable and stylishly practical.

Each of these units feature only the finest décor, including oak cabinetry, floors and trim, marbled ceramic sinks with polished brass fixtures, and oriental style rugs. Skylights, elegant silk flower arrangements, heat, air-conditioning, and a built-in stereo system provide sophisticated ambience comparable to that of only the finest hotel.

Suitable for any occasion, including weddings, golf tournaments, sporting events, outdoor parties, and corporate events, the Presidential Series offers your guests exquisite comfort and luxurious convenience. A black-tie attendant will remain on site with the facility for the duration of your event to maintain the restroom in impeccable condition, replenish supplies, and ensure trouble-free operation.



Great Bridal Expo - Weddings - One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding - Rebecca Mead - New York Times

Advice books warn brides not to reveal that they are shopping for a wedding, if possible, Ms. Mead said; vendors know that "if it's wedding, you're going to spend more." So her suspicion is immediately aroused when the woman at East Coast Limousine asks, "Is it for a wedding?" when the question of a 22-passenger excursion in a long, white stretch limousine comes up. The wedding special is $720 for 3 ½ hours and includes an aisle runner, Champagne, bar and "horns" that play a recording of "Here Comes the Bride" when the car stops. Ever the experienced shopper, Ms. Mead asks how much the regular rental would be, if there were no wedding.

"A four-hour minimum is $576." So you could spend $144 less and receive a half-hour more? Why not do that instead?

"You can't," the saleswoman replies. If it's a wedding, you must do the wedding special. "If the bride and groom are in the car, you can't do it. We've pulled in, and there is a woman in a wedding dress, and they can't do it. The car had to leave."

After taking a few steps away, Ms. Mead said, "This is the kind of thing that I'm really interested in — that mentality: you're going to get the horns whether you want them or not."

She imagines the scene: "They won't let you in," she repeats, picturing the bride, groom and 20 other passengers stranded on a street as the limo driver slams the door and pulls away. "That's the one you need the videographer for."




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Message from President Clinton

"President Bill Clinton talks about Hillary's life of public service and why she's the right choice to be president."

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BBC - Eurovision 2007 - Home

Serbian singer Marija Serifovic has won the Eurovision Song Contest at a ceremony in Helsinki which saw the UK's entry coming joint second-last.
Serifovic's powerful ballad Molitva had been second-favourite with bookmakers in the run-up to the competition.
She scored 268 points, beating Ukrainian drag queen Verka Serdyuchka into second place. Russia was third, with Turkey fourth and Bulgaria fifth.
British act Scooch managed only 19 points with their song Flying the Flag.

1. Serbia (268 points)
2. Ukraine (235)
3. Russia (207)
4. Turkey (163)
5. Bulgaria (157)

Twelve of these came from Malta, which placed the UK entry top in its voting, but there was little recognition from other countries.

The UK tied with France one position above the bottom in the results table, with Irish folk group Dervish scoring only five points and coming last overall.

It meant that Scooch narrowly avoided finishing 24th out of 24, as British act Gemini had in 2003 - famously scoring "nul points" - with the song Cry Baby.

But Scooch were characteristically undeterred by the result.

"To be honest, this experience has been one in a million," said singer Caroline Barnes.

"But I have to say I laughed so much I cried at the voting. I'm not gutted. I don't want to say it was expected, but you know what Eurovision is like."

'So proud'

Serbia took first place with its first entry as a solo state at the Eurovision, having declared its union with Montenegro defunct last year.

The Eastern European state will now be charged with hosting the event in 2008.

Following her win, Ms Serifovic told reporters "a new chapter has opened for Serbia".

20. Spain (43 points)
21. Lithuania (28)
22=. France (19)
22=. UK (19, pictured)
24. Ireland (5)

"I am so proud. All my success is made by singing."

The competition had been embraced by people in the Finnish capital, which earned the right to stage the event when rock group Lordi won in 2006.

Lordi's song Hard Rock Hallelujah was reprised as the opening number of the show, at Helsinki's largest ice hockey stadium.

Big-screen TVs were erected in the city centre, where fans gathered to watch the ceremony.

Some 350 spin-off events had also been organised as part of Eurovision "fever".

The contest - held since 1956 - had a record 42 entries this year, but 18 were eliminated in qualifying rounds before Saturday's final.

It was broadcast to an estimated global TV audience of 100 million, with the winner selected after a poll in each country involving telephone votes and text messages.



Eurovision Song Contest - Helsinki 2007

After one of the most exciting votings ever, Serbia won the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Molitva. Marija ŠERIFOVIĆ received 268 points! The winning song was written by Saša MILOŠEVIĆ MARE and composed by Vladimir GRAIĆ Congratulations!

The atmosphere inside a Eurovision Song Contest venue has probably never been so hot as tonight here in Helsinki! Thousands of fans cheered for their favourite entries at the Helsinki Arena, while hundreds of fans and journalists watched the contest at the Press Centre.  



Eurovision Song Contest Helsinki 2007 | Serbia 2008 | Eurovision News

Waters 'gutted' over Eurovision flop 

The composer of Ireland's worst-ever Eurovision entry today said he was "gutted" by the result.

The song 'They can't stop the spring' by Dervish came last of the 24 countries with only five points supplied by Albania.

Serbian singer, Marija Serifovic won the 52nd annual event, which was staged in the Hartswall Arena in Helsinki, Finland.

Ireland has previously won the contest seven times including a three-in-a-row between 1994-1996.

The winning song, Molitva, scored 268 points and had been second-favourite to win.

The Irish song was written by Tommy Moran and Irish Times journalist John Waters.

Mr Waters said today: "It was pretty dismal. We were disappointed. We had put a lot into it. We felt the song was good. The band did their absolute best."

He added: "We were very disappointed. We were crushed. I was absolutely – in football manager speak – I'm gutted."

Mr Waters said there had been 50 years of pop music in western Europe but it was only in its infancy in eastern bloc countries where it had enthusiastic support.

He also dismissed claims that countries were 'bloc-voting' for each other.

He joked about the solitary vote from Albania: "I'm going on my holidays to Albania. They sound like very sophisticated people."

Congratulating Serbia, Mr Waters said he believed the Eurovision was very impressive as a TV production spectacle.

Last year "Every song is a cry for love" by Brian Kennedy came ninth in the semi-final and 10th in the final, ensuring direct qualification for 2007.



Eurovision Song Contest 11.05.2007 Apocalyptica


Serbia Eurovision winner Marija Serifovic-Molitva

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