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Women In Art

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Lazaworx - Graphic design, Web gallery, Utilities

This site is dedicated to skins designed for the popular web gallery
maker — JAlbum — and graphic/web-design utilities.


JAlbum - the free web photo album software and photo gallery software

Set your pictures free! - Peruvian Bullfight Descends Into Chaos


ClipSyndicate :: Putting Video to Work


Insanely addictive. | POPSUGAR - Celebrity Gossip & News.



The latest news and information on science and health with personality and perspective. Improve your everyday life guided by passionately opinionated writers who care about you!


lies well disguised - Gawker



I have been a NYC ADVERTISING COPYWRITER for 15 years. Site is updated at least twice every weekday, or your money back. Guaranteed! (guarantee void everywhere)


9 to 5 Mac | Mac All Day


GelaSkins | 17" MacBook Pro & PowerBook

GelaSkins are super low-profile protective skins for your Apple or PC
laptop computer. Advanced 3M adhesive makes them cleanly removable when
you want to switch up for another design.



Freakonomics Blog Feeding On Itself


Dlisted | Be Very Afraid


Diet Blog

We live in a strange time.

We're fatter than ever - yet popular media is saturated with skinny. Nutritional advice changes every year leaving us bewildered and confused.

How did it get to be so complicated?

Diet Blog is all about filtering the best of diet news and advice - and combining it with real-world application and opinion. The whole spectrum is covered - everything from body image to fast food.


Five Steps to a Kinkless Desktop | Kinkless

This is the introduction to a five part series on how to clean up,
prettify and streamline the usage of your computer's desktop.


43 Folders

Topics that come up a lot include:


Box Office Mojo


Yahoo! Movies: In Theaters This Weekend

Coming soon:

Trailers and clips:


Hollywood Bitchslap! Movie Reviews - Warn the world about crappy over-hyped films!


Lulu TV » Man vs. Child spoof

Intrepid science fiction author and podcaster, Tee Morris take on a
two year old to teach you how to survive.

This is our spoof of The Discovery Channel's show, Man vs. Wild. This
was originally done for their You Spoof Discovery contest.


Man vs. Wild - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Man Vs Wild


Man vs. Wild: Discovery Channel

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The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs



Everything you ever wanted to know about the birth city of Godzilla, Gundam, all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, panty vending machines, and me.


The Stalwart: Misc.

Joseph Weisenthal, is a former equity analyst, now working as a writer. His work can be found at Techdirt, Dealbreaker, as well as here at The 'Wart. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin ('02)

Besides being interested in economics and markets, Mr. Weisenthal is an avid songwriter, composer, and occasional playwright, having co-produced three original theatrical works.

Also contributing is Stalwart co-creator Vincent Fernando, who is currently working for an investment bank in Asia.

The Stalwart was created to satisfy what we, as finance professionals, wanted to see in a blog--intelligent discussions of stocks, finance, business, economics as well as links to interesting articles and information outside of the traditional financial press. The Stalwart is not intended to provide tips, picks, or advice, all of which can be found, in overabundance, elsewhere.


A Welsh View: Cars


GrandCentral: The New Way to Use Your Phones

What is GrandCentral?
Get all the same calls, but in a whole new way.

GrandCentral doesn't replace your phones; we just link them together and help them do more. How do we do that? We give people One Number...for LifeTM - a number that's not tied to a phone or a location - but tied to you.

With GrandCentral, you can be reached with a single number, answer a call at any phone you want, seamlessly switch phones in the middle of a call, and even know whether a call is important before you take it.

What else can I do with GrandCentral?
We're not your typical phone company. And these aren't your typical features.


You Decide 2008 -


Search Engine Land: News About Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Ingrid Katz and Alexi Wright, medical interns - Slate Magazine

Ingrid Katz and Alexi Wright are physicians completing internships at a major teaching hospital in Boston. They are currently rotating through the cardiac intensive care unit and are the authors of Interns' Diary, an online journal.

Leaving San Francisco brought us deep sadness, but we were thrilled to be embarking on a new adventure. We were fortunate enough to find a home at a Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston, where we were welcomed into the tightknit fold. As part of a process called "The Match," we entered as a couple, ranking our top choices of programs while the programs simultaneously ranked their top choices in candidates. While we were the first gay couple ever to apply for The Match into internal medicine at most of the medical schools we visited, we were pleasantly surprised by the support we received, not only from our peers but from the "Old Guard" as well.
I think back to that time almost a year ago, and it seems infinitely more innocent. Our youthful idea of what it meant to be a physician has been replaced by a complexity I never could have imagined. This week we will be writing to you from the cardiac intensive care unit. We hope to offer a glimpse into the training of young physicians and into our lives as a couple navigating this intense journey together.


Tales from the Emergency Room and Beyond... » Live Cheddar Cheese direct from the Westcountry »

A large block of English cheese has become an unlikely star of the Internet. As of yesterday, 1.38 million people had visited to watch a 20-kilogram round of traditional cheddar slowly age online. That's slowly as in very, very slowly. Indeed.

The round of Westcombe cheddar from the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers co-operative has caught the public attention and attracted viewers from more than 100 countries during the 160 days since it was first put in front of a webcam last December.

Dom Lane, a spokesman for the co-operative, told Double Take that the cheese makers wanted to highlight the difference between a genuine hand-made farm cheddar and a cheese made in a large, commercial creamery. "So we stuck a webcam in front of a cheese." That way, people could watch it age.

Did anybody think they were nuts? "Yes. But I think the great thing was everyone saw the humorous side of it and got the message. I think the simplicity was its appeal, but we didn't expect it to attract the attention it has."

Meanwhile, for thrill-seekers who prefer more heart-pounding action in their cheese viewing, there's a link to a time-lapse video on YouTube that shows the cheddar aging three months in a mere minute, from young and smooth to older and mouldy.

Mr. Lane said the co-operative had received lots of e-mails from people asking what the cheese looked like when it was first made. "So we created this time-lapse film and decided that great place to put it was on YouTube."

So far, it has had more than 285,000 viewings there, which is not bad, Mr. Lane said, "considering a late-night political program on BBC-2 television probably wouldn't get that many viewers."

And if you really get caught up in this cheese thing, you can subscribe to the cheese's very own fan club. When asked what benefits club members received, Mr. Lane said: "We didn't know at the beginning and we're not even sure now. But you do get bulletins and we ran a competition recently to name the cheese, so we'll let everybody know what name we choose as the winner. And at the end of the year we're going to run some competitions for people to win a slice of it."

The cheese should be fully mature in December, a year after it was made, and slices will be auctioned off for charity.


Blogger News Network

Blogger News Network

BNN provides high-quality English language reporting, analysis and editorial writing on the news of the day.


Entertainment Weekly - Movie Reviews

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