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Bonnie’s Blog of Crime

Bonnie's Blog of Crime


How Google Maps Got Me Out Of A Traffic Ticket | Gear Live



Poly9 Group Inc. - Clever maps


Poly9 mapping blog


Poly9 FreeEarth: the lightest, most compatible 3D globe on the web

Poly9 FreeEarth is a cross-browser, cross-platform 3D globe which does not require any download1. Give it a spin!


east village idiot

Chris is lives in New York City's East Village and originally hails from an often-overlooked New England state. He works in some sort of advertising job, although there's no clear answer to the question, "just what would you say you do around here?" On the side, Chris might call himself a "freelance writer." But then again, all bloggers are freelance writers.

This blog has no mission. It serves no purpose other than to entertain its readers. If you are not entertained by the content on this blog, then it probably wasn't meant for you.

He doesn't like to brag, but his work on this blog has been featured on Gawker, Manhattan Users Guide, Wonkette,, Fishbowl NY, Gothamist, the New York Times' Cityroom blog, Curbed, and a bunch of other super-awesome web sites. One blogger once called him "a national treasure." But, you know, he doesn't like to brag.

Chris' favorite topics of discussion range from New York City pedestrian etiquette and grammatical correctness to sports to bar hopping and his favorite New York newspaper.


DonationCoder is..


SridhaReena - Scripts, Screencasts, Software, Technology, Tutorials, and everything Internet

Cool Links of the Day


[How To] Download from Deezer

[How To] Download from Deezer

Deezer is a site where you can search for english songs, create playlists and listen to them. And now, you can download as well, at least unofficially. This method is for Firefox(1). Here are the steps:

  1. Install DownloadHelper add-on and restart Firefox.
  2. Open 'Customize Toolbar' dialog, find the icon for DownloadHelper and drag it onto the toolbar at the top.
  3. Right click on the icon -> Preferences -> MediaReq tab -> add 'php' as a supported extension. [Thanks John]
  4. Go to, play a song that you want to download, and you should see DownloadHelper's icon being animated (spinning) now.
  5. Click on the down arrow on the icon (not on the icon itself), then click on cacheDiffusion.php and in the Save file dialog, name it to whatever.mp3.

Note that it is not possible to download more than one song (like all the songs in a playlist) at a time from this site.

That's it.


Deezer | Music on demand, free music without download!

Deezer is the first free music on demand website. Come and discover more than 150.000 tracks, create your Playlists, upload your entire song library.


SSUpload and Cinematube

The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA), on behalf of the major Hollywood movie studios, filed lawsuits in federal court in Los Angeles yesterday against and – web sites that facilitate copyright infringement on the Internet.

Sites like Cinematube and Ssupload contribute to and profit from rampant copyright infringement by identifying, posting, organizing, and indexing links to infringing content found on the Internet that users can then view on-demand by visiting these illegal sites.

"No matter how you slice it, the sole purpose of these sites is to disseminate and profit from creative content that has been illegally reproduced and distributed. We will continue to scour the Internet for these illegal sites, and through lawsuits such as these we are putting illegal Web operators on notice that they are not above the law and will face serious consequences for their activities," said MPAA executive vice president and director of worldwide anti-piracy operations John Malcolm.

Cinematube and Ssupload both highlight on their sites the availability of the latest in pirated movies that are all too often still in theatrical release. Both sites enjoy significant profits via third party advertisers and user donations. It is estimated that Cinematube - believed to be operated by Georgia resident Tien Tran - averages more than 24,000 unique users per day who view more than 85,000 pages of content. Ssupload – whose servers are located in Scottsdale, Ariz. - averages an estimated 55,000 unique daily visitors who view over 190,000 pages of content per day.

Civil lawsuits were filed against Cinematube and Ssupload in United States District Court in Los Angeles for damages and injunctive relief for violations under the United States Copyright Act of 1976. Yesterday's filings follow three lawsuits filed by the studios against similar sites earlier this summer:, and The worldwide motion picture industry, including foreign and domestic producers, distributors, theaters, video stores and pay-per-view operators lost $18.2 billion in 2005 as a result of piracy –over $7 billion of which is attributed to Internet piracy and more than $11 billion attributed to hard goods piracy including bootlegging and illegal copying.

Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!

You can learn more about harmful web content and how to protect your computer at

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Choate Hall & Stewart, LLP - funky recruiting videos

Thursday, September 27, 2007


MAXroam - the sim that doesn't know that you're travelling


Mizzima TV - Burma


More Burmese news sites


Mizzima News: Specializing News of Burma


The Irrawaddy News Magazine [Covering Burma and Southeast Asia]





Myanmar Protests Part 2


Myanmar Protests Part 1


Committee to Protect Bloggers

Burmese Bloggers Go Dark »


Reporters Without Borders Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home

We're doing the Super Fling Boogie in our bedrooms this week!

Are YOU living in CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) like Franny in the pink sweats? Do you feel overwhelmed, overextended, and overdrawn? Hopeless and you don't know where to start? Don't worry friend, we've been there, too.

Step through the door and follow FlyLady as she weaves her way through housecleaning and organizing tips with homespun humor, daily musings about life and love, the Sidetracked Home Executives (SHE™) system, and anything else that is on her mind.

When you join FlyLady, you will receive daily FLYmail. Your FLYing Lessons will guide you through babysteps to help you set up routines, get rid of your clutter, and put your home and life in order. FlyLady's approach has worked for thousands. Join anytime you want (there is no cost involved)! You are not behind - you are just getting started! Read FlyLady's personal testimony in WhyFly? Don't be overwhelmed by all the material on this site - take it a little piece at time - baby steps. To get started, check out the FLYing Lessons - it will tell you how to begin. You can have this peace too, and it won't cost you a dime!


YouTube - You Choose '08 - Face the Candidates


Atkinson On Film


I'm Roland Atkinson, a Professor of Psychiatry at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. Before coming to Oregon, I trained and worked in West Los Angeles for several years.  What a feast for a film nut!  Katherine Hepburn sitting down in front of me at a Saturday matinee. Spotting Burt Lancaster or Lee Marvin at the old Bel Air Country Store (gone now, sad to say).  At UCLA, taking care of Alfred Hitchcock's wife, Alma, during her annual medical checkup when I was an intern; and hearing Dr. Ralph Greenson discuss his psychiatric treatment of the late Marilyn Monroe. 

I see 200 or more feature films a year, counting theater screenings and DVD/VHS. I review films - from a psychiatric and psychological perspective - for several professional publications, including the nationally distributed monthly, Clinical Psychiatry News, published by the Elsevier International Medical News Group. My reviews are enriched in style and substance through conversations with my partner, Jo Ann Weaver, a discerning film observer in her own right and a terrific editor.

I have also advised advanced student and professional scriptwriters on creating authentic portrayals of psychiatric and substance use disorders and their treatment through a pro bono program sponsored by the Entertainment Industries Council. E.I.C. is a non-profit, Hollywood-based organization supported by the commercial film and television industries; its efforts to advocate for authenticity of substance abuse portrayals in films and teleplays have been supported by grants from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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The New York Observer


CHOW - Recipes, cooking tips, resources, and stories for people who love food


Grub Street - New York Magazine's Food and Restaurant Blog


Live Search _ Microsoft's Google challenger


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Sam the seagull stealing Doritos

Monday, September 24, 2007


Some links to current news and commentary


Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps


Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!


Urban Digs: New York City Real Estate Tips


Curbed : The New York City Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog


The Washington Note

Greetings, and welcome to my website. During the days, I serve as Senior Fellow & Director, American Strategy Program, New America Foundation and, in my spare time, serve as Director of the Japan Policy Research Institute. I’ve also been encouraged by my great friend, Joshua Micah Marshall of to start my own blog. So, connected here you will soon find, where I will more regularly comment on public policy debates that deserve attention. Until then, enjoy the articles and other items posted here


Quantcast - Open Internet Ratings Service

Quantcast Internet Ratings

Quantcast is the world's first open internet ratings service. Advertisers can find reports on the audiences of millions of web sites. Publishers can ensure their sites are represented accurately by tagging them for direct measurement. The service is free to everyone.

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Michael Eric Dyson

Dubbed "the Hip-Hop Intellectual" by critics and fans for his pioneering explorations of rap music in the academy and beyond, Michael Eric Dyson is uniquely situated to probe the most compelling and controversial dimensions of hip-hop culture. Know What I Mean? addresses salient issues within hip hop: the creative expression of degraded youth that has garnered them global exposure; the vexed gender relations that have made rap music a lightning rod for pundits; the commercial explosion that has made an art form a victim of its success; the political elements that have been submerged in the most popular form of hip hop; and the intellectual engagement with some of hip hop's most influential figures.

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