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In 2004, after two decades of writing film reviews for Variety, Screen International, Box-Office Magazine, and other publications, I decided to launch EmanuelLevy.Com, an on line movie publication and internet movie reviews website. My purpose is to illuminate film through the integration of art, politics, ideology, and business. 

Based in L.A., at the heart of Hollywood, the site contains film reviews, analysis, Hollywood news, commentary, interviews, profiles of movie stars and film directors, DVD reviews, coverage of festivals and special events and, last but not least, Oscar predictions and Oscar news.


Managing Your Money In Public View -

Managing Your Money
In Public View
A Slew of New Web Sites Are Trying to Attract Young People 
By Combining Social Networking With Personal Finance
June 14, 2007

It used to be that people shied away from sharing intimate details about their financial lives.

Now, amid the rising popularity of social-networking services such as Facebook and MySpace, a crop of new personal-finance Web sites is letting users post their private personal-finance details and share advice with each other on tracking their spending and making better investment decisions.

Some of the sites, such as and, include many of the same features offered by popular software programs such as Intuit Inc.'s Quicken and Microsoft Corp.'s Money, such as the ability to track spending in different categories and from different sources in one place. But they also allow users to get feedback from peers that is tailored to their specific circumstances. Some allow users to rate the quality of other members' tips or provide feedback on various products or services they've used. Shoes & Handbags

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Tailrank - Top News for Today in Politics



Wizbang® is a new media network focused on news, politics, sports, entertainment, and video. It's organized as a series of specialty sites - each bearing the Wizbang ® name. In August/September 2007 the sites will launch a unified redesign that makes them more closely aligned visually.


Daily Intelligencer - New York Magazine


GPS Review

We receive lots of feedback from our visitors, most telling us how glad
they are to have a resource which allows them to navigate the new,
complex world of GPS with ease. This site has also been recognized as
one of the Top 100 Blogs by C|net, mentioned in the Washington Post and
the Boston Globe, and we were one of Chitika's Top 30 Experts.


Top Computer & Hardware Models :: Top Product List

About Splise

Splise is a Brand Comparison Search Engine. We help consumers cut through the clutter to find the brands that are best for them.

Consumers can see at a glance which brands they should consider for their purchasing decision in a particular category, according to Popularity, Buzz and Awards rankings.

Splise helps consumers answer questions like:


Virtual Ubiquity - Buzzword - an online word processor

Now that Buzzword is becoming part of the Adobe family, you can be even more confident of the security and reliability of your documents over the long haul. If you have friends and collaborators with whom you want to work on documents, send them to As mentioned in a previous blog post, we’ve opened up our new account process so anyone interested will be able to get an account.


Apple Matters

Apple Matters provides original commentary on topics including the impact of Apple on our culture, exclusive profiles of people in Apple’s storied history , and product reviews.


Thousands of hyphens perish as English marches on | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Thousands of hyphens perish as English marches on

Fri Sep 21, 2007 4:54pm EDT

By Simon Rabinovitch

LONDON (Reuters) - About 16,000 words have succumbed to pressures of the Internet age and lost their hyphens in a new edition of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

Bumble-bee is now bumblebee, ice-cream is ice cream and pot-belly is pot belly.

And if you've got a problem, don't be such a crybaby (formerly cry-baby).

The hyphen has been squeezed as informal ways of communicating, honed in text messages and emails, spread on Web sites and seep into newspapers and books.

"People are not confident about using hyphens anymore, they're not really sure what they are for," said Angus Stevenson, editor of the Shorter OED, the sixth edition of which was published this week.

Another factor in the hyphen's demise is designers' distaste for its ungainly horizontal bulk between words.

"Printed writing is very much design-led these days in adverts and Web sites, and people feel that hyphens mess up the look of a nice bit of typography," he said. "The hyphen is seen as messy looking and old-fashioned."


Stock Picks - Motley Fool CAPS


Stock Market News, Opinion & Analysis, Investing Ideas -- Seeking Alpha


41 Reasons Why Your Blog Probably Sucks |

41 Reasons Why Your Blog Probably Sucks


TechBlog | A technology blog with Dwight Silverman


BooRah - Restaurant Reviews and More


Kitchen Nightmares - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The show has received mixed to favorable reviews. Gina Bellafante of the New York Times found Ramsay's teaching methods and high standards "undeniably hypnotic" and commented that "the thrill of watching Mr. Ramsay is in witnessing someone so at peace with his own arrogance." [5] Doug Elfman of the Chicago Sun-Times said the show is "a very entertaining public service" that "will make you laugh, make you sick and make you think." [6] Randy Cordova of the Arizona Republic found Ramsay "just as blustery and foul-mouthed here as he is on Hell's Kitchen. But he is also oddly endearing, mainly because he genuinely seems invested in the fate of each restaurant."[7]

Some critics found FOX's adaptation of Kitchen Nightmares strayed from the strengths of the original Channel 4 series. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune said "Leave it to Fox to take something the Brits did pretty well and muck it up." She added "Never mind the cooking; this edition of the show appears to be more interested in playing up the family dramas at the restaurants Ramsay visits." [8] Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times commented "Whereas the British Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is fundamentally a food show -- it has interesting things to show you about how a restaurant runs and a kitchen works, the wonders of local markets and what you can make from them if you're Gordon Ramsay or willing to follow his instructions -- the Fox edition emphasizes mishap, argument and emotional breakdown almost to the exclusion of cuisine."[9]


Switched: Gadgets, Tech, Digital Stuff for the Rest of Us

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Google Watch


PostSecret Blog

The PostSecret website is the largest advertisement-free Blog on the web.

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Mega Essays .com - Over 100,000 essays, essays and term papers available for instant access!!

  • You acknowledge and agree that the license granted under these Terms does not permit you to utilize any Essay for any commercial or for-profit purpose. The papers contained within our web site are for research purposes only! You may not turn in our papers as your own work! You must cite our website as your source! Turning in a paper from our web site as your own is plagiarism and is illegal!

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  • You acknowledge and agree that you will not attempt to download any portion of our database. Our papers are only available via the Internet. You may not download our papers for your own private or commercial use.

  • You acknowledge that any Essays you view from the Site are being delivered to you AS IS, with no warranties. The Company makes no representation or warranty to you regarding the accuracy of any information contained in any Essay, the completeness of any essays, or the copyrights in any Essay.

  • You agree that, in the event of our breach of our obligations under these Terms, your damages will be limited to any amounts that you may have paid to us for products for services.

  • You represent and warrant to us that any paper you submit to the Site (“us” or “we”) does not infringe the rights of any third parties. You agree to hold us harmless from any damages, costs, expenses, fees, penalties or assessments that we suffer as a result of your breach of this paragraph.

  • Upon your submission of any Essay, all rights in any such Essay become our sole and exclusive property, subject to the rights of licensees under these Terms.



    A&E Television Network and TV Shows


    Biography, Videos and Interviews -


    Celebrity Heights - How tall are Celebrities

    CelebHeights is an Entertainment database offering commentary, celebrity fan photos, quotes and gossip on the heights of Celebrities. If you're wanting a fairly reliable guide, hopefully this is the place to come. 

    Your contributions help the site greatly, so if you have a photograph of yourself standing with a celebrity please consider submitting it to the site, or if you notice any celebrity giving their height in an interview email Rob Paul - the creator of celebheights - your height gossip. Feel free to add your own comments to the celebrities page on the site. 

    Please note, the site is meant to be light hearted in tone.

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    Politics - from


    SITE Institute - The Search for International Terrorist Entities

    SITE Intelligence Group Monitoring Service

    "By monitoring terrorist and extremist websites and penetrating
    password-protected Al Qaeda linked sites, SITE provides a state-of-the-art
    intelligence service to both practitioners and analysts to understand the
    adversary." - Rohan Gunaratna, Author, Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of
    Terror (Columbia University Press)

    Studying the primary source propaganda, training manuals, and chatter of
    terrorists offers insight into terrorists and their activities that can not
    be obtained anywhere else. Failing to monitor terrorist propaganda is a
    failure in intelligence. To fulfill this need, the SITE Intelligence Group
    offers its Monitoring Service, which provides numerous daily translations of
    terrorist propaganda and multimedia from primary source terrorist websites.


    Pixsy - Video news clips


    Kennedy Center: Millennium Stage Broadcast Archive

    The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts stages at least one
    free performance every day of the year. The Chairman of the national
    center for the performing arts, James A. Johnson, launched "Performing
    Arts for Everyone" in the winter of 1997: nine initiatives designed to
    expand and increase access to the performing arts for local Washington
    residents and visitors to the nation's capital.

    Performing Arts for Everyone is designed to introduce the Kennedy Center
    and its programs to a far wider audience than ever before by providing a
    performance open to the public and free of charge 365 days a year.

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    Cajun Boy in the City

    Cajun Boy in the City

    The pseudo-intellectual musings, observations, stories and introspection of a simple boy from the bayous of Louisiana turned Manhattanite.


    Howard Lindzon's blog

    Born in Toronto, live in Phoenix with a loyal wife (11 years, 12.5 in
    Canadian), two awesome kids and a dachshund.

    I currently manage a hedge fund and have done so since June of 1998. I
    am starting a second fund for October 2006 called Biltmore Venture
    partners which focuses on the internet and blogentrepreneurship.


    Pickle: Photo & Video Sharing

    With over 500 million cameraphones sold last year, and almost all new digital cameras supporting a video mode, more and more of us are taking videos and photos back-to-back and sharing shots straight from our phones. A new generation of personal media sharing is fast approaching, and we designed Pickle for it.

    Pickle enables you to easily organize and share ALL your media (photos and videos) from ALL your devices (camera and mobile phone), but with a revolutionary twist. In addition to sharing on Pickle, you can post individual items or entire channels of content anywhere you want -- MySpace, your blog, wherever. And you can update channels on the fly with dispatches from your cell phone. With Pickle, you can broadcast life's moments straight from your mobile to virtually any website.


    Mint | Refreshing Money Management

    We are refreshing money management

    The free, automatic, online way to manage your money is here!


    nyc BLOG estate - New York City Real Estate


    Curbed : The New York City Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog


    Wired New York


    The New York Condo Blog

  > 24|7 Video

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    Pop.  Politics.  Sex.  So on.


    Go Fug Yourself - ogling of the fashion-wicked


    Guides to Grammar and Writing




    Directory -

  - The most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America


    gethuman 500 database

    finding a toll-free phone number

    To find the toll-free phone number for any US-based company, try calling 1-800-555-1212 or search Google for company name plus "phone numbers". Or maybe even searching for the company name and "president office" or "investor relations".

    Tip: did you know that your phone company charges $1.49 or more each time you call 411? Instead, try using 1-800-FREE-411.

    For companies who try to hide their phone numbers, many times the Google search will find a page from a disgruntled customer who exposes the phone numbers for that company. For example, see these gripe pages about and PayPal and these for eBay and Walmart.

    For a public company, you could also try searching EDGAR. The "10K" report includes information about corporate officers and the official company mailing address.

    You could also try looking up their contact information via a "whois" database: internic, godaddy,, etc.

    getting to a human

    Once you have a phone number, here are some tips to try to get through the computer to get to a live human:

    1. Interrupt. Press 0 (or 0# or #0 or 0* or *0) repeatedly, sometimes quickly. Unfortunately the same keystroke does not always work for each company. Many IVRs will connect to a human after a few "invalid entries", although some IVRs will hangup. :-(
    2. Talk. Say "get human" (or "agent" or "representative") or raise your voice, or just mumble. :) The IVR might connect you to a human after one of these key or unknown phrases.
    3. Just hold, pretending you have only an old rotary phone.
    4. Connect to account collections or sales or account cancellation; they always seem to answer quickly. First ask them for their name and rep number (so they know you are writing it down, and thus so they are more likely to help you.) Then ask them to transfer you to the department you need. Sometimes they will put you ahead of the queue, although sometimes they will send you to the end (and thus in those cases this tip is useless).
    5. Toll call. For credit cards, if the expected wait time is too long, hangup and try to call back on their non-toll-free number, as they often have shorter queues.
    6. Selecting the option for Spanish will sometimes get you a bilingual human more quickly than if you just waited for an English-only operator.

    When you do finally find a human, ask them how to connect directly the next time (in case your call gets disconnnected etc), and be sure to tell us so we can then list their number here. :-).

    If one of the above does not work, see the gethuman 500 database.


    Newspapers of the World - Newslink


    Celebrity News | Celebrity Gossip | Celebrity Photos & Pics | Paparazzi Photos of Hollywood Celebs

    Welcome to, home of everyone else's scoops!  Yes, we've finally decided to cut out the middlemen and open up our ever-expanding database of the freshest and finest celebrity photos and videos to you.  So sit back, make sure your boss isn't coming, and get ready to pick your jaw off the floor – X17 is online, and nobody hides from us!


    The Little Book That Makes You Rich by Louis Navellier


    Index to Today's Paper - New York Times


    Emdashes, The New Yorker Between the Lines

    Who she?

    I'm Emily Gordon, reachable at

    I'm an editor at PRINT magazine in New York City. I've worked at The Nation, Newsday, PEN America, and Legal Affairs. I've written for the NY Times Book Review, Salon, The Washington Post, The Village Voice

    I welcome tips, questions, and comments about The New Yorker past and present, plus related events, links, typeface sightings, &c. To contact the magazine or send a submission, click here.

    The Rossosphere


    Ben Yagoda's Personal Homepage: Notes on writing

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