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More Iraqi bloggers


Blogs from Iraq

Iraqi bloggers at home and abroad

Not many of the people who were blogging in English from inside Iraq appear to be still there. Here's a snapshot of some of them - and of one who has left.



Stratford Festival 1982 --Stratford Festival 1982 -- "The Mikado" Three Little Maids


Stratford Festival 1982--"The Mikado" Lord High Executioner


Stratford Festival 1982--"The Mikado" I Am So Proud

Friday, November 09, 2007


Gridskipper New York, the Urban Travel Guide

Gridskipper, the decadent urban travel guide. Scouring the globe for
chic hotels, hot restaurants, sweet nightlife, and pretty people.



The Street - Stock Market News, Investing Advice, Stock Picks, and Quotes


The Housing Bubble Blog

Examining the home price boom and its effect on owners, lenders, regulators, real estate agents and the economy as a whole.


Mortgage Insider -


Manhattan Real Estate: New York City Real Estate Tips

An aspiring entrepreneur with a BS in Psychology from Union College, I was a former NASDAQ Equities trader (1998-2004) and founder of The HotSpot Haven turned real estate agent with Citi-Habitats. In an effort to make New York City real estate more transparent, is my unbiased, real-time take on the Manhattan housing market as well as tips to profit from it


Westside Bubble

Tracking the real estate bubble on the Westside of Los Angeles,
especially in Santa Monica ... available housing inventory,
highlights/lowlights, and the larger economy.


Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk is a hobby blog, created and maintained by a retired
executive, with occasional assistance from a former bank officer and
mortgage lending specialist who is currently on extended medical leave


Deal Journal -

WSJ's take on deals and deal makers


Wingsuite mountain swoop


The Fact Hub

Clinton fires up her own "fact hub" to fact-check what's said about her

Saying it wants to "set the record straight" whenever someone says something about her that aides think is wrong, the presidential campaign of Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has created a website it calls The Fact Hub.

Check there if you wish to see the Clinton camp's official responses to whatever controversy comes up next. Among the first things they've decided to address: What Sen. Barack Obama said most recently about Social Security; the real story about whether the campaign does or doesn't tip waitresses; and just what former president Clinton did say about "swift-boating."



BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: What's the most important psychology experiment that's Never been done...?

What's the most important psychology experiment that's Never been done...?


The MindFields College Blog

MindFields College exists to deepen our collective knowledge of the science of human nature - the human givens - and to apply that knowledge to improve effectiveness and raise standards in healthcare, education and social care policy throughout the country.


Featured Products - Home Furnishings - Unica Home

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Your source for intelligent design


Don’t Throw Out Your Broken iPod; Fix It via the Web - New York Times

Don't Throw Out Your Broken iPod; Fix It via the Web



Customer Support, Products Repair, Manuals & Troubleshooting on Any Product

iPod, iPhone, PowerBook and MacBook Repair Service Center

Help Key: How-To Fix an iPod that Won't Boot

Thursday, November 08, 2007


These Naughty Gifts Don’t Clutter a Closet - New York Times


Main Page - Wikinews, the free news source

Welcome to Wikinews
The free news source you can write


City Journal

City Journal is the nation’s premier urban-policy magazine, “the Bible of the new urbanism,” as London’s Daily Telegraph puts it. During the Giuliani Administration, the magazine served as an idea factory as the then-mayor revivified New York City, quickly becoming, in the words of the New York Post, “the place where Rudy gets his ideas.” The Public Interest goes further, calling City Journal “the magazine that saved the city.”


NewFoundations: Publishing and Consultancy - Education theories

the Reflective Practitioner

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Stock Photography -- Search 2 Million Stock Photos, Stock Footage Video Clips, Royalty Free Images, and Illustrations

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


12 Best toys of 2007 - Eye-Clops (4) - | The National | Archive | Arts | Lynn Johnston - The Artist at Work

Watch this web-only video of Lynn Johnston on the making of her famous Walk of Fame cartoon dress, and taking reporter Sandra Abma through the process of creating her internationally-syndicated comic strip "For Better or For Worse".


US Elections - Times (U.K.) Online

Welcome to Across the Pond, a running commentary from The Times on the American elections.

Another blog? you ask. Another outpouring of cheap, stream-of-consciousness observations from another bunch of bar-room polemicists? Another screeching voice added to the deafening Babel of partisan prejudice, half-truths and sheer drivel that passes for so much political discussion on the web these days?

Well, yes and no. Call it a blog if you will. But we hope it won't answer to any of those adjectives.

The aim is to offer a Janus-like look at what is sure to be the most closely observed presidential election in history. For non-American readers, a lively daily guide and digest to the campaign and its implications for America and the world. For Americans, the outsider's perspective, a glimpse of what the rest of the world thinks about you as you choose your (and our) next leaders.

An outsider's perspective, yes, but a friendly and well-informed one. We hope Across the Pond will be wholly free of the usual stereotypes and clichés, wholly free of the perspective that ponders American politics as an anthropologist might ponder the ancient, hag-ridden rituals of some primitive people.

It will feature lively comment and pithy observations from our US-based reporters and commentators. But also, crucially, word from The Times's extensive network of reporters and commentators from around the world.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Audio Books, Podcasts and Video You Can Learn From - is your one-stop destination for audio and video learning.
Browse over 15,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.

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Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live


MIT - video gateway

video at MIT the gateway to online video collections


Apple - Education - iTunes U

iTunes U has arrived, giving higher education institutions an ingenious way to get audio and video content out to their students. Presentations, performances, lectures, demonstrations, debates, tours, archival footage — school is about to become even more inspiring.


Britney says she was tricked into divorcing K-Fed | the Daily Mail


Feedbase - the RSS feed database


KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

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