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World Hum | Travel Guide | Travel Blog | Travel Stories from a Shrinking Planet


Travel writing with Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts has reported from over fifty countries for dozens of major publications, including, National Geographic Traveler, the New York Times Magazine, Outside,, and National Public Radio. Rolf is perhaps best known for promoting the ethic of independent travel, and his book on the subject, Vagabonding (Random House, 2003), has been through seven printings and translated into several foreign languages.


A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook

Keeper of the Molekine notebook. Voracious reader.  A bookworm. Goof-ball. World traveller. An average guy who doesn't belong to any scene. He is working on his graduate degree in comparative literature and is aspired to be a teacher and writer.


ShanghaiExpat - Living and Working in Shanghai


日记 Journal - Shanghai Journal - another one


china news and opinion |


Shanghai Journal - one version

A blog about my stay in Shanghai, China. This blog was created to share my China adventure, my feelings and the culture here with my friends and family back home. This is my online diary, but for less-important-non-life-changing stuff. In other words, it's a space where i pretty much bitch about anything that's bugging me.


China Digital Times (CDT) 中国数字时代


Ich Bin Ein Beijinger


Jet Lagged - Air Travel - Opinion - New York Times Blog

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The World's Biggest Show & Tell - art, craft, diy, food, games, home, life, offbeat, ride, tech


GreenPrint :: Saving Money Today, Trees Tomorrow

GreenPrint eliminates wasteful pages in any printout automatically, saving you time and money, and maybe more importantly, saving trees, reducing greenhouse gasses, and decreasing waste.
GreenPrint's patent-pending technology does this by analyzing each page of every document sent to the printer and looking for typical waste characteristics (like that last page with just a URL, banner ad, logo, or legal jargon). - The case for a bear market


Robert Reich's Blog

Robert Reich's Blog
Robert Reich is the nation's 22nd Secretary of Labor and a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. This is his personal journal.

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New Hampshire Presidential Watch

New Hampshire Presidential Watch

A Site That Tracks Presidential Politics In The Granite State.


MySpaceTV Videos: Watch and share your favorite videos, trailers, movies, tv shows, music videos, and clips


Democratic Underground

We welcome Democrats of all stripes, along with other progressives who will work with us to achieve our shared goals. While the vast majority of our visitors are Democrats, this web site is not affiliated with the Democratic Party, nor do we claim to speak for the party as a whole.


Think On These Things

Think On These Things
Research, Commentary, and News on the 2008 Presidential Election with a Pro-Obama Slant

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Democratic Courage

Democratic Courage is made up of leaders and activists in the progressive movement. We believe that political courage is the key to political victory. Americans want a leader who will stand strong for his or her beliefs - and not back down in the face of lobbyist pressure or Republican attacks.

About Hillary
Like many Democrats, we believe that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly given in too easily to pressure - and too often decides her policies not on the basis of what's right, but on the basis of what polls and focus groups tell her. As history shows, that's a dangerous road for Democrats and for the country. We believe there are other candidates who would be stronger leaders and have a much better chance of winning in 2008.

Our Plan
We're planning on running hard-hitting, creative ads in key primary states highlighting why Senator Clinton should not be the first choice of voters who want to end the war in Iraq, fight global warming, win universal health care - or beat the Republicans. As an independent PAC, we can run the kinds of hard-hitting but cost-effective ads that have turned countless elections. Unlike the corporate and special interest PACs that usually dominate political advertising, Democratic Courage PAC is a grassroots, citizen-based organization fighting for a more progressive America. But we need your help to get those ads on the air.


Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news - DCVIEWS |Hillary Attacks


Digital Camera Tracker - summaries of reviews

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Digital Cameras Index - TrustedReviews


Photo Review (Australia) (Australia), is a retail travel company in business for over five years specializing in the sale of parking packages that include hotel accommodation, shuttle service to and from the airport and free parking - 1 - Home Page/1 - Home Page.htm


Flickr: Camera Finder


Marc Adamus Photography - Digital Cameras


"The journey of a thousand Melvins" - - Art and the Zen of Design - - Build complex toys and simple tools - - - -


The comparison shopper



Phone Widget sites


Soup Up Your Cellphone - New York Times

Soup Up Your Cellphone

It is all too easy to get caught up in the hype that comes with the latest and greatest cellphones. And right now, the latest and greatest are the iPhone and the iPhone clones that, with a touch of the finger, open up maps, restaurant listings and the weather.

If those phones are too pricey for your budget or you’ve got more months on your contract with your carrier, there might be another way to get some of those handy services on your phone: widgets. (For a touch screen, you’ll just have to wait.)

Widgets are small applications, most often free, that appear on your phone’s menu pages. They deliver news or information to most handsets. You can use them to track down a cab company or follow stock prices. Other widgets deliver maps or headlines from media sources like the BBC, Bloomberg and this newspaper. For anyone with a smartphone that has the ability to connect to the Internet, it might make sense to simply use the included Web browser to visit Google Maps, YouTube and such, but if you’re looking to extend the life of an older handset, widgets are a good option.

Widgets will not turn your vintage Motorola StarTAC into an iPhone, but they will add features and functions that you didn’t think your phone could ever possess. There are several Web sites that offer widgets like,, and

WidSets is one of the most popular such places because it has a large library of more than 2,650 widgets that work on more than 300 devices from all the leading manufacturers, even though the site is affiliated with Nokia, the world’s largest maker of handsets. Most phones made in the last three years are supported by WidSets, including golden oldies like the Motorola RAZR V3.

GetMobio has fewer widgets and supports about 90 phones, but among its widgets are a cheap-gas finder, a store locator and something called the Panic Kit, which locates locksmiths, cab companies and pharmacies at the spur of the moment. Plusmo’s roster is not as extensive, but among its widgets are applications to bring in news from CNN and a daily Peanuts cartoon.

Why would you use widgets when your carrier might offer similar applications? To save money. Cellular providers do not make much money selling handsets to consumers; in fact, they typically subsidize your handset purchase. By paying for a portion of your device, they’re investing in you for the next two years. Over the contract’s life, the real money is made in monthly service plan fees, overage charges and the extra services they can offer you.

That’s where free widgets come in. You can avoid paying for extra services like news headlines and sports information that carriers typically bundle in packages for $5, $10, $20 or more. Often, you do not need the whole bundle, just one small feature like a stock price ticker or a weather update. Single-purpose widgets might serve your purpose (and your budget) better since you’re installing only what you need.

While widgets are usually free, you can still end up paying your carrier for data transfer or airtime. The widgets need to piggyback on your cellular connection for data. Verify with your carrier that you either have some data allowance included in your plan or that it will charge only a nominal fee for small amounts of data. (Afterward, you can use the Traffic Feature in WidSets widgets to track how much data airtime you use.) Occasional updates of text data may seem small, but they add up quickly, so prepare accordingly with your service provider and monthly plan.

It does not matter whether your phone is on the CDMA network that Verizon Wireless, Sprint and Alltel use or the GSM network that AT&T and T-Mobile use. The determining factor for widget compatibility is whether your phone supports Java software, or more specifically what is known as Java MIDP 2.0. With a few notable exceptions, like the Apple iPhone, Java is fairly commonplace in handsets because it gives the wireless carriers a flexible and easy way to add services. Smartphones that run on Windows Mobile, Palm and even BlackBerry operating systems also support Java, though on some phones you may have to download it first.

It is easy to install widgets. Go to to verify whether your phone can accept widgets. Widgets that you select are sent directly to your handset along with a WidSets application to run them. The process should take less than five minutes.

Here are some popular and most recommended widgets to get you started:

¶AccuWeather. One of the most useful widgets is also one of the most popular; at last check, more than 125,000 people were running this widget. And why not when you can get the weather forecast, including local current weather, extended forecasts and even radar maps?

¶Google Calendar. The Web-based calendar is with you everywhere with this widget. The best part? Update your calendar in one place on the Internet and the changes are viewable on other devices.

Wikipedia. There’s an option to turn off images in this encyclopedia and provide just text to speed up the information download as well as reduce the amount of data transferred.

¶YouTube. This widget might be a little more limited than the iPhone’s YouTube application, but you can still catch recently added videos and more.

¶Flickr. One of the most popular photo-sharing services on the Internet is right in the palm of your hand. You can view your photos and those that your friends and family have uploaded or search by a keyword to see what’s out there.

¶Private Chat. Those instant-message fees add up quickly. Get your closest friends to install this widget and pay for just the airtime in real-time chat sessions. With over 350,000 users, you’ll never be lonely again, but you might want to invest in an unlimited data plan for this one.

¶Twitter. If you want a wider audience than just one chat participant, Twitter is the answer. This short-messaging service allows you to “micro-blog” your life in 140 character bursts.

¶Sudoku. You’ve got a number pad on that phone, so why not use it to exercise your brain?

¶EBay. Searching for that special item? Now you can do it all the time and everywhere.

¶Newsvine. A combination of mainstream news and user-generated opinions that offers up wide viewpoints on current topics. Start with headlines in the widget and read any story with a single click. You can also choose to have news that focuses on a keyword of your choice.


PhotographyBLOG - Reviews


Wired Blogs: Gadget Lab


The Online Photographer


Digital Camera Reviews, Ratings, Tips and Comparisons (Australia) - good links to reviews


Ultra Zoom Digital Cameras


Technology - Technology Products - Cameras - The New York Times


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Digital cameras; compare digital camera reviews to find the best one for you - CNET

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