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I Am Lawsuit


Face to Face : cameras, printers, ... - DigitalVersus

Product face-offs
Here's the idea : 
To start with, we show you the two latest cameras tested by our lab. You can compare any other products in the two columns. There are no limitations and you may pick the same brand, high end vs. entry level, 2 Mpixels Vs. 8 Mpixels, etc.

How it works : 
There are three fields to choose in each column.

Step 1 : 
Select a camera manufacturer (Canon, Sony, etc.)

Step 2 : 
Select a model in the list: Powershot A80, DSC-P73, etc. Results are automatically displayed.

Step 3 : 
You can then choose any of the 17 test pictures available in our list: 10x15 quality, scene with poor lighting, with flash, etc. Anytime you choose a test, the page is automatically loaded for the two cameras selected in steps 1 and 2.


Meetup: World's largest community of local Meetups, clubs and groups!

Whatever your interest.
Wherever you are.


AOL/Netscape's Propeller

What is Propeller?

The new is a social news portal programmed by you—the audience! All of the stories on Propeller are submitted and voted on by our members. We also have a Propeller web browser.

Is there any oversight on Propeller, or is this a complete free for all?

We have a team of full-time "Propeller Anchors" in our newsroom that monitor the site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These anchors do a number of things to keep the Propeller experience clean and compelling. First, they remove spam (we all hate spam). Secondly, they select the stories in "Propeller Anchors recommend..." box at the top of the page. Finally, they do followup journalism on many of the stories you vote to the Home Page and create original video on topics they feel you would enjoy.


Compare prices, shop, and buy computers, cell phones, digital cameras, and more from online stores. CNET


Steve's Digicams - The "Best" Digicams


Face à Face : appareils photo numérique, imprimantes, ... - Les Numeriques


Imaging Resource "Comparometer" ™ Digital Camera Image Comparison Page

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Gail's digital photography Blogs


What Camera Should I Buy? - Digital Camera Forums and Discussion


Which Camera Should I Buy? - Digital Camera Resource Page - Forums


Sizeasy - your size comparison website

Do you have trouble visualizing product size when shopping online? If so, try this free comparison tool


Buying Guide: Side-by-side: Digital Photography Review


Canon Digital Photography Forums - Powered by vBulletin

Monday, December 24, 2007 - Digital Camera Buying Guide: Part 1


Digital cameras, digital camera reviews and best price search - UK


Digital Photography Tutorials, Best Digital Cameras, Digital Camera Reviews - Photoxels


Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips -


Digital Cameras - Unbiased reviews, prices, and advice from DigitalCamera-HQ


1001 Noisy Cameras - latest camera news


PhotographyBLOG - Photography News, Reviews, Articles, Gallery, Forums, Film and Digital


Iowa Caucus 2008

On caucus night, Iowans gather by party preference to elect delegates to the 99 county conventions. Presidential preference on the Republican side is done with a straw vote of those attending the caucus. This vote is sometimes done by a show of hands or by dividing themselves into groups according to candidate. In precincts that elect only 1 delegate they choose the delegate by majority vote and it must be a paper ballot. Democratic candidates must receive at least 15 percent of the votes in that precinct to move on to the county convention. If a candidate receives less than 15 percent of the votes, supporters of non-viable candidates have the option to join a viable candidate group, join another non-viable candidate group to become viable, join other groups to form an uncommitted group or chose to go nowhere and not be counted. Non-viable groups have up to 30 minutes to realign, if they fail to do so in that time, they can ask the for more time, which is voted on by the caucus as a whole. If the caucus refuses, re-alignment is done and delegates are awarded. A "third party" may hold a convention to nominate one candidate for president and one for vice president as well. The results of this caucus activity on both the Democratic and Republican sides are not binding on the elected delegates, but the delegates usually feel obligated to follow the wishes expressed by the caucus-goers. Thus the initial caucus results provide a good barometer of the composition of Iowa's national delegation.


The Trail -- a Daily Diary of Campaign 2008 - Washington Post


techPresident – How the candidates are using the web, and how the web is using them.



SHOPDROP: To covertly place merchandise on display in a store. Primarily used in tactical media projects and art installations. A form of "culture jamming" s. reverse shoplift, droplift.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


A Wonderful Lohan


Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets, Cheap Airfare & Discount Travel Deals -

Find and book cheap airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars with Search hundreds of travel sites, compare results, and buy direct.



Ideeli is a private shopping community where trendsetting women can get authentic luxury items for 50 to 90% off their original price - plus giveaways every week. Basic membership is free.

To ensure the ideeli experience is a good one, we restrict the number of members. Unfortunately, there are no more invitations available, but you can join our waiting list.


Bluefly - Designer Clothing, Handbags, Shoes & Accessories (Prada, Fendi, Gucci & more) at Discount Prices Online Shopping Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more


Gawker, Manhattan Media News and Gossip


Poynter Online - Romenesko

Your daily fix of media industry news, commentary, and memos.


Play Scrabulous online for free - at Scrabulous

Scrabulous is the coolest word game and you can play it online here for free! Besides classic Scrabulous, you can also play the game over emails, in blitz mode, or just practice with the computer.


Play Scrabble Online For Free

You can play Scrabble online for free at with thousands of players from across the world!


Sky Auction - Airline Tickets, Cheap Hotels, Vacation Packages & Travel Deals ( is a fast-growing travel auction marketplace where you can buy airline tickets, room nights, tours, cruises and all-inclusive vacations.  We negotiate special deals with leading airlines, hotels, resorts and cruises -- the brands that you know and trust -- to offer you amazing bargains.  We began operations in February of 1999, and have built our business around two simple, but powerful, ideas: first, that consumers should pay for their travel however much they feel it is worth and not a penny more; and second, that purchasing travel should be easy and exciting, not difficult and boring!


MIT OpenCourseWare | Physics | 8.02 Electricity and Magnetism, Spring 2002 | Video Lectures

Walter Lewin's lectures on Electricity and Magnetism


Clark And Michael

Clark And Michael are Clark Duke (Greek, Superbad) and Michael Cera (Arrested Development, Superbad) It is a 10 episode online series with CBS that takes the form of a mockumentary chronicling Clark and Michaels efforts to pitch a script to various studios.

Clark and Michael has an Office-like documentary style, and feels ad-lib like Curb Your Enthusiasm. These young actors are going to build a rapid and rabid fan base if they keep this up. It doesn't feel like a big network is interfering with the style or humour (yet). My only complaint is that I can't download this and watch it on my iPod.

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YouTube -MyDamnChannel - Harry Shearer and others


Katie Couric Bashes Dan Rather


Dan Rather


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