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Travature - hello world

Travature is a simple, yet powerful, community platform that integrates travel information. Our goal is to help travelers by taking the headache out of trip planning and travel research. As avid travelers, we were tired of sifting through dozens of websites to find relevant travel information. We believe, that all of us could use a more efficient way to connect and aggregate travel information. What's more we believe that travel information should be trustworthy and unbiased, something beyond the usual company agenda of trying to sell you something. A travel site built for and around the travel community.

We are setting out to answer a simple question: where can you go to find reliable travel information? You see whether your traveling 5 or 5,000 miles, visiting a new place can be both an exciting and daunting task. Where should you go? How much will it cost? What will it look like? Where should you stay? What can you do there? Where's the best place to eat? The list of questions while traveling goes on and on. Travature is building a platform to help. We want you to spend your time exploring your destination, not stuck exploring the web.

What does Travature do?

Travature combines automated travel tools with personal community expertise. We currently offer the following services (with a promise of much more to come in the future):

  • Flights. A unique, patent pending, airfare comparison (metasearch) engine that crawls dozens of airlines and online travel agent sites to find the cheapest flights, the best times to go, and the places you might be interested in checking out.
  • Guides. An open content travel wiki where you can read, edit, and create travel guides for destinations throughout the world. Think of it as Wikipedia meets Lonely Planet
  • Restaurants Reviews. A community driven platform where you can read about, rate, and share you experiences for all the restaurants you've been to home or away.
  • MashUps. A Travature exclusive, where we take all of the travel information about a place you might be interested in and put it together in one simple package.


Video - Crackle

Crackle, Inc., a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company formerly known as Grouper, is a multi-platform video entertainment network and studio that distributes the hottest emerging talent on the web and beyond. Crackle's addictive channels and shows reach a global audience across the Internet, in the living room, and on devices including a broad range of Sony electronics. Crackle, in on-going collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment and other leading partners, discovers and promotes the stars of tomorrow.



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Marginal Revolution

Two economics professors discuss the world and news. - Put a contract on yourself!

Scheduled to launch in December 2007, will provide "commitment contracts" that let individuals set a goal, choose consequences for failing to comply, and decide how to verify their progress.  With the options of choosing to lose money every time they fail and designating third-party verifiers to check their success, users will face powerful incentives to meet their goals.


Welcome to the Complete Review

Welcome to
the complete review:

A selectively comprehensive, objectively opinionated survey of books old and new, trying to meet all your book review, preview, and information needs.

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Picture-perfect products --

Picture-perfect products

Sites offer countless ways to turn photos into keepsakes

Eric Benderoff

Here's a tip if you want to make a puzzle out of a family photo:

Pick a picture with contrast, not an image dominated by a single color, no matter how lovely it may look. Trust me, as I recently spent hours trying to fit about 25 solid purple pieces together in a fun, yet frustrating, wooden puzzle made at

The wooden puzzle (better but pricier than paper versions) is one of many photo items I recently ordered. I also made posters, stickers, tiny photo books, cool business cards, a greeting card and, in a nod to convention, actual prints. There were countless more items to choose -- mugs, calendars, pillowcases, blankets, a deck of cards and a tie -- from the five online photo services I tested.

Now is a great time to look at these services, as families everywhere have memory cards filled with images from the holidays. You'll find at least one product of interest, and the general ease of use, once you've uploaded your photos, allows one to be fairly creative.

Making products other than prints is no mere novelty anymore, said Dimitrios Delis, marketing research director at the Photo Marketing Association International.

Today, about 38 percent of digital camera owners order items other than prints, he said, double the rate of two years ago.

And why not, if you can make a nifty photo book for as little as $6, as I just did.,1,3483024,print.column?coll=chi-news-hed


QOOP--Photos, posters, etc.

QOOP (pronounced que-oop) turns digital content into products. We've partnered with established companies to provide online print and on-demand product delivery. Our innovative solutions include printing digital images on a variety of media, such as photoprints, photobooks, posters, mousepads, puzzles and more.

Some problems:

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Gilbertology by Gilbert Arenas |


Care2 News Network

The premise of Care2 is simple: One person can make a difference.

Whether you're passionate about green living, health, human rights or protecting the environment, Care2 puts the tools for change in your hands.

Over 7 million wonderful people discover, share and take action on Care2 and Care2's The Petition Site. It's the largest online community of people passionate about making a difference.


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