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The Official Cracked Blog |

Central Hangout for Userfriendly Fans is the official fan site for the Userfriendly cartoon. It is run by yours truly and provides a place for the Userfriendly community, even those hit by the productivity virus to meet, greet, and "hang out" (virtually of course).

In reality, it's YANS (yet another news site) with postings of random linkage and stories that interest me. Anything to do with linux, doom, quake, movies, humor, carnage, and destruction really. Anyone is welcome to submit news (by email only currently), and we (I) try to keep on top of Userfriendly community doings. This all comes at a price however, including speling, grammer not good, and other randomness.



Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon singing


HotRants Political Blog Report's Political BlogReport is a special purpose RSS reader for following the Top 200 most influential political blogs that cover the American political landscape.

We provide our users with an efficient tool to see at a glance an up-to-date overview of the American political blogosphere in one place. Users can conveniently access the most current blog posts from across the political spectrum on either our all encompassing AllBlogs home page, or on our dedicated LeftBlogs, MiddleBlogs or RightBlogs pages.


Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall


Obsidian Wings

"This is the Voice of Moderation. I wouldn't go so far as to say we've actually SEIZED the radio station . . . "


Anil Dash: Established 1999 in New York City

Hi, I'm Anil Dash. I'm a Vice President at Six Apart and a writer/geek/New Yorker. I'm best known for having been involved with blogs since the early days of the medium. Six Apart is the biggest and best blogging company in the world, and we make TypePad, Movable Type and Vox.

As you can probably tell, most of my professional life and much of my personal life revolves around weblogs, or blogs. I maintain several, with my primary weblog being named after myself, Anil Dash. I contribute professionally to the blogs that make up the Six Apart website, and I've helped thousands of individuals, organizations, and companies get started with their own blogs.

For more personal writing, I generally post on my Vox site. Some of the other sites that I maintain less frequently are Pop Life, about pop music and pop culture, and my LiveJournal, though many of those entries are for friends only. I also have a few dormant sites which I no longer maintain, but people have found entertaining, including magazine, a site for my longer essays, and Daily Links, where I posted 10 to 20 links every day to things I found interesting. After a few years and about 12,000 links, I retired the daily links blog.


Less internets please | Ask MetaFilter

Less internets please

How can I make myself spend less time dicking around on-line?

I spend too much time dicking around online, on reading community sites, news sites, blogs, etc. It interferes with my desire to do things that aren't dicking around online. (Writing, reading, outdoor activities, etc.)

What are some strategies which you have successfully employed (or heard of others employing) that enabled you to limit the amount of time you waste dicking around on the internet.

Responses like "Dude, just spend less time dicking around on the internet" which do not suggest specific approaches are not helpful.


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Channel surf the internet with the StumbleUpon toolbar to find great sites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations.


Why you don't throw paperclips at co-workers - Find Web Sites & Build Community Online

Featured Linkers put you in touch with the interests and ideas of people who help make the web a great place to work, play and discover.


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Color + Design Blog / Migraines That Erase Color

Chronic pain has its own devastating side effects, even in the absence of medication. Sufferers of migraine headaches sometimes report a phenomenon that amounts to color-blindness. Jeff of the Omegaword blog explains that chronic pain has a peculiar way of removing color from the world. He poetically describes his experience of a reality in which all color has been erased by bursts of red.


Penny Arcade! - Pharmacopsychiatry comic


Big Think - We Are What You Think is a new and growing website, currently in its private beta version, with a simple mission:

This is a digital age, one in which a wealth of accessible information empowers you, the citizen-consumer. But where is the information coming from? How accurate and unprocessed is it, really? Ask yourself this: how empowered do you feel debating a television screen or a newspaper?

Our task is to move the discussion away from talking heads and talking points, and give it back to you. That is Big Think's mission. In practice, this means that our information is truly interactive. When you log onto our site, you can access hundreds of hours of direct, unfiltered interviews with today's leading thinkers, movers and shakers. You can search them by question or by topic, and, best of all, respond in kind. Upload a video in which you take on Senator Ted Kennedy's views on immigration; post a slideshow of your trip to China that supports David Dollar's assertion that pollution in China is a major threat; or answer with plain old fashioned text. You can respond to the interviewee, respond to a responder or heck, throw your own question or idea into the ring.

Big Think is yours. We are what you think.


People of the Web - Hiding in Plain Sight


Little Feet - You Play, They Play

Little Feet is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to getting soccer balls to children living in extreme poverty throughout the world. Little Feet soccer balls are now being kicked in over 30 different countries.


Walyou | Tech News & Product Reviews for Complete Customer Satisfaction


Stuck In Customs

Welcome to my personal site. I have made this site to explore a bit of creative photography and writing, and I know full well that people that Google me will end up here. Others end up from my official photography portfolio at

On this site, I lay about 80% of my life out there for everyone to see - friends and business associates, current and future. Most of my days and nights are spent running John Galt Games, but I do find time to have a bit of a creative outlet here on my blog, taking pictures and doing a bit of writing. I find it keeps me balanced, and my mom can keep up with my various travels.

This site has been nominated for the 2007 Bloggies and now gets over 250,000 unique visits per month and over 3 million page views per month. It has spawned a ton of interest in my photography, especially from people that either want to order prints or want to use it for commercial purposes. My wife handles that business, since I am much too busy with the game company. I just take the pictures in my spare time, of which there seems to be very little!


HDR Tutorial

What is HDR?

HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. It is a software technique of taking either one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed. Most of the images in "Your Top 100 Favorites" are HDR, so you can take a look there if you want to see more examples than in this tutorial.

I will post a few interesting HDR photographs that I have taken that people seem to like. This first image below is actually hanging in the Smithsonian Institution in D.C. and many of the others are represented by Getty. I think this goes to show how mainstream and accepted HDR can be, if the technique is properly applied.

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BarackTV - videos of recent speeches


A Chorus of Millions

A viewer wrote:

I never saw my kids so excited about politics before Barack Obama came to our town for a rally. My kids are all under 16, but they sat still, listened and understood this man's message. Now they turn on CNN just to get a glimpse of him, and they cheer him on with each new caucus and primary. I know my kids wish they were old enough to vote, but they can't this time around. So, when you go out to vote for Obama, remember your vote is also for our future generations, who need a President Obama!


LA Rally: Maria Shriver Announces Her Support for Barack


Where is the Love?

Where is the Love? by the Black Eyed Peas


Yes We Can Obama Song by TVNewser


Up The Yangtze


Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show Trailer (HD) - TigerTV Directory


Learn more about the latest computer hardware, software and more from the Editors of TigerDirectBlog, and manufacturers of computers and electronic equipment.


OQO model 02: Vista vs. XP Battle


Anytime / Anywhere



Knee device makes phone charging a walk in the park


jkOnTheRun - blog about mobile devices


Sony UX Review

Small-format PCs have been around since the mid-1990s when HP placed an entire MS-DOC 5.1 PC into a hand-held clamshell. Since that time, MS-DOS has given way to the far more capable and far more resource intensive Windows operating system. As Windows matured, the possibility of having a fully functional, hand-held computer with the same capabilities of a desktop or laptop system has continued to be a dream. To take up the gap, first Palm and then Microsoft itself developed compact, embedded operating systems specially designed to function in a small, handheld machines, dubbed Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Despite its small size, the UX is not a mere PDA. The UX series runs a full version of Windows XP, the same operating system as desktops and laptops. If you're wondering about the pros and cons of using a full OS on a handheld, compared to a more simple PDA, click here to read more.


Anytime / Anywhere: Best OQO videos



Pocketables is an online tech publication that provides news, commentary, and comprehensive reviews on various portable consumer electronics and related accessories. It takes a consumer-centric approach to technology by offering reviews colored with real-life use of devices over weeks and months, not first-impression opinions formed within days or hours.


OQO Model 2 - put a PC in your shirt pocket


The Wibrain B1; a full Windows ultra portable PC for less than US$700


Shine a Light (2008) - OFFICIAL TRAILER - Rolling Stones 2006 concerts

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Travel Troubleshooter

Christopher Elliott is the Travel Troubleshooter.

Got a travel problem? He's here to help.

Elliott writes the syndicated Travel Troubleshooter column and blog


Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures

Find a lost camera?

Email at least two photos from your found camera.

Include any other details, time, location, school, etc.


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YouTube - adblitz's Channel - 2008 Superbowl Commercials from Super Bowl XLII: Vote for Favorite Ad Videos

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