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Live Search Games: Flexicon


Instructables - The World's Biggest DIY & How To Show & Tell

Instructables is the World's Biggest Show & Tell where people share what they do and how they do it.


Adobe Photoshop Express - Made You Look.


La Pequeña Hillary Clinton


Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra


FOX Lies!! Irresponsible Media! Barack Obama Pastor Wright


Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union'


Amanda Overmyer - Back In The USSR - Top 11 Idol 3/18/08


CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip.

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Movie Reviews, Movie Critics -



2008 Presidential Election News - Topix


Top Drawer Downloads - Windows Software Downloads


Africa News | Headlines | African Social News Network


Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) FAQ

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) FAQ

Major update: Microsoft has finalized Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) and released it to manufacturing. This FAQ has been updated to reflect the final release, and Microsoft's schedule for getting this code into the hands of its users.

While most Windows service packs are hardly worth discussing, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) has been steeped in mystery almost since before Vista itself was completed. With Vista, Microsoft has engineered a new update deployment technology that allows administrators and power users to "slipstream" service packs and other fixes into new Vista installations in a manner that is much simpler than with previous Windows versions. But the real issue with SP1 is in how Microsoft has mishandled the dissemination of information about this release. For this reason, and because there are so many silly rumors floating around, I've created a FAQ for Vista SP1 that will be updated as new information is released. If it's not in this FAQ, it's just speculation.


Free Market Cure - Videos

Stuart Browning's Free Market Cure Video Series has been created to inform Americans about the dangers of collectivized medicine and the benefits of free markets in health care.



What is webcastr?

Webcastr is a worldwide internet portal for video channels.

Why webcastr? Why now?

Well, that's the interesting question. About a year ago we looked at
the internet video space and tried to figure out what was missing. At
the time, it was mostly clip services like Grouper, Revver, YouTube,
etc. A lot of the content was, frankly, amateurish - someone's cat
balancing on a ball to a Madonna song, mentos in coke bottles, that
kind of thing. We looked at this and said, where is the interest that
is being served? Surely, there must be a way to aggregate more useful
content based on people's particular interests.

At the same time, groups of various media entrepreneurs were in the
early stages of creating specialty channels, niche programming, if
you will, that catered to the needs of smaller, more focused
constituencies who wanted programming that reflected their various
specialized interests. We thought, why not create a platform for
these channels to be combined into a service that would allow viewers
to go to one place to see the best in specialty programming that is
being created for the web in a channels style format?

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Taegan Goddard's Political Wire


The Postnational Monitor


Comedian For President


Hillary Clinton - Against Hillary Where The Facts Are - Dick Vitale

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Internal Monologue

In which I write down all those musings of which the world has been horribly deprived until this moment. (Progressive Politics, Liberal Religion, Sex, and the occasional abnormality that bubbles forth from goodness knows where.)


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