Saturday, April 12, 2008


Edith Piaf -Songs


Edith Piaf - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien


Edith Piaf - Milord


Edith Piaf - La Foule


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BBC - Radio 4 - Start the Week


Word Finder - Find and Unscramble Words and Anagrams

This utility will find words with any combination of listed parameters. For example, you can find all 6 letter words that start with "d" and end with "n". Find words that rhyme by searching for words that end with the same letters. If you enter letters into the "Unscramble" box, the other fields will be ignored and the program will find any words that can be formed from those letters.


Zach's Word Unscrambler

Don't you just hate when you can't solve that "word jumble" puzzle in the daily newspaper?

This is a program I wrote that will descramble a scrambled word that you enter. It has a very large bank of recognizable words (but obviously not all conceivable words). At current count, there are nearly 130,000 words. It also will accept a wild card character... If you want one of the letters to be a wild card (could be any letter), enter a * (star key). Example) olel* gives you cello, hello, Jello, and losel.


InsideTrip - Intelligent travel choices

What Makes a Quality Trip?

Is it Price, Speed, Comfort, Ease?

What's important to you?

InsideTrip allows YOU to rate your trip according to each of these factors and helps you wade through the hundreds of flight options on the market today.


Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces - Live Highline Ballroom

Friday, April 11, 2008


The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call

Thursday, April 10, 2008


BookFinder4U - Compare book prices at 130 bookstores & Book finder for cheap books, discount books

Welcome to - Your one stop site to find all the best book prices!

BookFinder4U is a FREE service that searches 130 bookstores, 80,000 booksellers and 90 million new & used books worldwide to find the lowest book price in A click! At Bookfinder4U, our goal is simple: to provide you with a book search and price comparison service that is Comprehensive, Objective and Easy to use.
We also have an out-of-print book search system to help you find rare & out-of-print books.


Rapleaf - Data and People Lookup

Lookup your information • Search for information about others • Manage your online privacy


Leaders in corporate communications and internal communication | Lawrence Ragan Communications


The Freecycle Network

Welcome! The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 4,330 groups with 4,833,000 members across the globe. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer (them's good people). Membership is free. To sign up, find your community by entering it into the search box above or by clicking on "Browse Groups" above the search box. Have fun!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Seth's Blog

SETH GODIN is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and agent of change.

Godin is author of ten books that have been bestsellers around the world. His most recent titles include The Dip and Meatball Sundae. Free Prize Inside was published in early May, 2004 and All Marketers Are Liars was published in 2005. His books that have been bestsellers around the world and changed the way people think about marketing, change and work. Permission Marketing was an Top 100 bestseller for a year, a Fortune Best Business Book and it spent four months on the Business Week bestseller list. It also appeared on the New York Times business book bestseller list.

Unleashing the Ideavirus is the most popular ebook ever written. More than 1,000,000 people downloaded the digital version of this book about how ideas spread. Featured in USA Today, The New York Times, The Industry Standard and Wired Online, Ideavirus hit #4 on the Amazon Japan bestseller list, and #5 in the USA.

The Big Red Fez, Godin's take on web design, was the #1 ebook (worldwide) on Amazon for almost a year before it was published in paperback in 2002. The Miami Herald called it one of the best business books of the year.

Survival is Not Enough has made bestseller lists in Germany, the UK and the United States. With a foreword by Charles Darwin, this breakthrough book redefines what change means to anyone who works for a living. Tom Peters called it a, "landmark." The book was first excerpted in Fast Company, where Godin is a contributing editor.

His latest book, Purple Cow, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. It's all about how companies can transform themselves by becoming remarkable.

Seth is a renowned speaker as well. He was recently chosen as one of 21 Speakers for the Next Century by Successful Meetings and is consistently rated among the very best speakers by the audiences he addresses.

Seth was founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the industry's leading interactive direct marketing company, which Yahoo! acquired in late 1998.

He holds an MBA from Stanford, and was called "the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age" by Business Week.


Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle


IKEA Sucks. Worse For Them Than For Me. | Spoonbuzz


I hate IKEA Schaumburg intensely


IKEA Sucks!


Ikea Sucks

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


raspberry eggplant

raspberry eggplant features original recipes for vegetarian food as well as sweet treats

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