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Juice Your iPod

Robust iPod Battery Replacement Kits


Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest - 2007

Friday, July 04, 2008


McAfee - SPAM Experiment

Welcome To The S.P.A.M. Experiment

In the same way Morgan Spurlock lived his life on fast food for 30 days in the 'Super Size Me' documentary film, volunteers from ten countries around the world are helping us to conduct an experiment to live their lives by spam for 30 days.

Our participants will be keeping an online diary of their experiences, updating it daily, so we'll see for ourselves the real effect of spam. At the end of the 30 days we'll be analysing our volunteers experiences and sharing our findings to help you stay safe from spam and its dangers.


Where the Hell are Matt's Outtakes


Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)


Where the Hell WAS Matt?


Where the Hell is Matt?


Jeff Emanuel online | The official website of the columnist, combat journalist, and commentator

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Minyanville = Financial Infotainment


Training Home Page - Microsoft Office Online

Free self-paced training courses for Microsoft Office


[] Search for books, music, videos, articles and more in libraries near you

Find items in libraries near you
1.2 billion items available here | ecards for when you care enough to hit send

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The Soul of an SLR.
in the Body of a Compact.


Carl Rytterfalk Fotografi

I'm a photographer that lives most of my life on my blog ( and occasionally I make a video and then put it here, or on viddler or on vimeo - depending on what quality it has or whom requested it. I mostly shoot photos with SLR cameras or with my cool DP1 which I now use as my video camera as well. Very cool with such a big sensor to make videos.


Reviews for Photography - find expert reviews, compare products and prices at alaTest -


YouTube - BennettMarineVideo's Channel

Bennett Marine Video is America's largest supplier and producer of marine and outdoor technical instructional programming for recreational enthusiasts. Instructional programming features more than 2,000 titles on boating, sailing, GPS navigation, electronics, cruising and fishing.


Cooking with Amy: A Food Blog

Based in San Francisco, Cooking with Amy publishes original food writing providing recipes, restaurant and product reviews, contests, essays and insight into culinary news.


YouTube - nqtv's Channel

This channel contains dangerously funny videos created and produced

A French hidden camera show which differs from most other in the
aspect that gags are surreal and very visual.


FOOT 2008 - REMI GAILLARD :: home of fine hypertext products is a weblog about the liberal arts 2.0 edited by Jason Kottke since March 1998. You can read about me and here. If you've got questions, concerns, or an interesting link for me, send them along.

Follow via RSS , see what I'm up to on Twitter, view my Flickr photostream, or check out some random entries from the archives.

You may also be interested in my thoughts on books & movies or some photos I've taken. I also made a tiny bitmap font called Silkscreen several years's free and works on OS X, Windows, and Linux.


mediafly: Get ALL your podcasts from ONE place delivered ANYWHERE™

Get ALL your podcasts from ONE place delivered ANYWHERE


Caring for Elderly Parents – The New Old Age –

Thanks to the marvels of medical science, our parents are living longer than ever before. Adults over age 80 are the fastest growing segment of the population, and most will spend years dependent on others for the most basic needs. That burden falls to their baby boomer children, 77 million strong, who are flummoxed by the technicalities of eldercare, turned upside down by the changed architecture of their families, struggling to balance work and caregiving, and depleting their own retirement savings in the process.

In The New Old Age, Jane Gross explores this unprecedented intergenerational challenge and shares the stories of readers, the advice of professionals, and the wisdom gleaned from her own experience caring for her mother in her waning years.


Eurodam News Blog


Cult of Mac - News and opinion about the Mac and iPod communities


FORTUNE: Apple 2.0

Mac news from outside the reality distortion field



My name is Rob. I'm 28 years old, I live in Los Angeles, and I'm a
professional art director. While I work mostly with graphic design
and video, illustration has always been my favorite means of
expression. I grew up an only child of a single mother, so my
sketchbook and my imagination were often my best childhood friends.
My brain was raised on a hearty diet of comic books, toy robots,
saturday morning cartoons, Star Wars, and Nintendo. And not a whole
lot has changed since then, really, except that my sketchbook has
gone digital.

I originally made this SketchBlog as an exercise in creative
discipline - an attempt to get myself to draw more and play around
with images and ideas that wouldn't fit in my professional work. A
playground for the side of my brain that never really grew up, I
suppose. It's proved to be a tremendous motivational tool, and I'm
really pleased with some of the art that's come out of it so far.

If you want to see how I spend the rest of my time, you can visit my
professional portfolio. You can also email me at rob (at) rob-
sheridan (dot) com. I love getting emails, but I am notoriously
terrible at responding to them.


StumbleUpon - Recently Popular Videos


Fake Interviews With Real Celebrities



Apple Grapevine

News, rumors, and discussion about Apple Inc., the world's greatest consumer electronics company.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Band Weblogs - The Music Blog

Band Weblogs features music commentary, band and music blogs, music
articles, press, publicity, reviews, interviews, opinion, tour dates,
guest music bloggers and more with free promotion and advertisement
for bands.


World Music at Global Rhythm - The Destination for World Music is your one-stop web site for all that is World Music


Global Rhythm is the number one destination for world music news, reviews and information. We welcome the veteran world music fan, the collector and the novice.


Read about popular and upcoming world music artists on Global Rhythms web site by exploring feature articles about world music legends and todays new stars.


Find out about scheduled world music concerts and festivals with our user-friendly World Music Concerts and Festivals Search option on the bottom left of the home page. Click on the orange tool bar to learn about world music concerts and festivals coming to your home town. Click on our World Music Clubs section to discover the hottest hangouts wherever you are. Search for world music happenings by artist, month, day, year, city, state, country and musical genre.


JamBase > Go See Live Music

JamBase exists to connect music fans everywhere with the music they love.

While fulfilling this promise, we seek to:
  • Provide the most complete, accurate and timely concert information available anywhere, and continue making it better
  • Recognize and respect the core values of our musical community, which we are a reflection of
  • Explore and experience the greatest music on earth, and share our discoveries with you
  • Expose music of true substance and character, and promote it everywhere
JamBase is deeply committed to supporting and growing the live music community. We believe live music changes the world and are dedicated to channeling its power into positive social and environmental action.


Rock Paper Scissors /// Publicity for the World

Anyone interested in "world music" will find deep resources on this website. We have three audiences in mind: journalists considering coverage of our clients and their products, clients who want to review or share our publicity successes with others, and the broader community of music fans looking for new and old sounds from around the globe. Look around. Explore. And visit often. We will add new projects every week and over time this will be one of the most in-depth world music resources on line.


IMEEM - what's on your playlist?

imeem is a social network where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends.


Cook's Thesaurus

The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools.  Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.




Tesla Motors

Changing Perceptions

We needed to change perceptions of electric vehicles in a big way. To make electric cars a viable alternative, we set out to build one that was gorgeous and thrilling to drive.

Our first car, the Tesla Roadster, isn't a pipedream or a plan; this car exists now. It's a no-compromise driver's car that does 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 second and will hit a top speed of nearly twice what the law permits. With a range of about 220 miles on a single charge, you can use it all day long and not worry you'll run out of juice. Just plug it in at night the same way you drop your cell phone into its charger, and sleep well, without guilt.


EveryScape - New York, NY


EveryScape Launch Video


Twitter in Plain English

Monday, June 30, 2008


The Mars Volta - Eunuch Provocateur (Live)


RedEye | iPhone, Therefore I Blog

"iPhone, Therefore I Blog" is written by RedEye's Scott Kleinberg
with you, the iPhone enthusiast, in mind.
If it isn't fresh, fun, thought-provoking and unique, then it isn't


XWord Info — All about the New York Times Crossword Puzzle


iPhone Atlas - iPhone guides, help, applications, news and more, updated daily.


Ryan and Brian do Crosswords | Come on brains, be more smarter!


Everyone Stretch Everywhere


Stretch Like Dara - Innovative Body Solutions

Resistance Stretching
with Dara Torres


Lose 20 with Al - Week Three


Video Dog -

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Nautical Cities - Find and Compare Cruise Ships and Cruise Line Information

Nautical Cities is all about cruise ships and the people who love them. It's the best place to find information about a specific ship, your favorite cruise line's fleet, or even what happened to your favorite ships from the past. Use our powerful search capabilities to display all the information you're looking for.

Each ship in our database is accompanied by a high quality, to scale illustration of the starboard (right side) of the ship. Now you can compare not only the stats of ships but their physical appearance as well.

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