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Indiatimes Broadband: Videos, news, cricket & entertainment


The Times of India: No 1 site for Breaking news, views, reviews, cricket, business, lifestyle, sports


Flipswap - Flipswap is the best way to turn your old cell phone into a new one, get cash, or make a donation to your favorite charity

Flipswap makes it easy to give mobile phones a second shot at life by offering fast, free and eco-friendly ways to trade them in. The average American buys a new cell phone every 12 months, which means more than one hundred million working phones become unused every year. Flipswap provides an easy way for consumers and businesses to make sure that these phones get put back into use by offering cash or store credit for them and then getting them into the hands of people that can’t afford a new phone.

At Flipswap we realized that most of these phones could have a long, useful life ahead of them. So we created a unique way of collecting them to make sure that potentially long lifespan is achieved. Instead of being thrown in a drawer or in the trash, cell phones can now be traded in for instant store credit at one of over 6,000 participating Flipswap retail locations, or traded-in for cash at The #1 Package Design Website, World's Best Packaging

I just wanted to give everyone an update with whats going on with The Dieline! We continue to grow and grow at a very rapid pace, and add more fantastic readers to the site by the second. We are now in the top 25,000 of all websites online, which is really incredible. The Dieline has quickly grown into the most visited website on package design in the world, and has become the voice of the industry. I want to personally say thank you to every one of you for stopping by day in and day out, and for making The Dieline what it is today!


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FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows the users to post and
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Crave, the gadget blog - CNET;overviewHead


Digg - All News, Videos, & Images


In Lean Times, Coupons for Online Retailers Grow -

On the Internet, nothing travels faster than a tip on how to score a bargain. Especially in an economic downturn.

With online retail sales falling this month for the first time, Internet merchants are offering steep discounts to anyone willing to punch in a secret coupon code or visit a rebate site for a “referral” before loading up their virtual cart.

Shoppers obsessed with finding these bargains share the latest intelligence on dozens of sites with quirky names like, and the Budget Fashionista. And more consumers than ever are scanning the listings before making a purchase at their favorite Web site.

Some online shoppers are so good at this game that they almost never buy anything at full price, making them the digital era’s version of bargain hunters who used to spend hours clipping coupons to shrink their grocery bills.

Tavon Ferguson, a 25-year-old graduate student in Atlanta, became obsessed with finding online deals last spring, while planning her July wedding. She scoured the Web for coupons and got free save-the-date cards, $8 bracelets for her bridesmaids and free shipping on flash-frozen steaks for the rehearsal dinner.

“I was able to do my wedding at a price that nobody would even guess” — $6,000, all included — “because everything down from invitations to the photo album, I got for ridiculously low prices with online coupon codes,” Mrs. Ferguson said.

Her favorite sites include, which has one of the most comprehensive lists;, which includes coupons for physical stores; and, which is organized by category.

Mrs. Ferguson may be more fanatical than most people, but surfing for online coupons is growing in popularity. In October, 27 million people visited a coupon site, according to comScore Media Metrix, up 33 percent from a year earlier.

“Coupons had never been a big factor online the way they are offline. This is something new,” said Gian Fulgoni, chairman of comScore. “It’s taken pricing power away from the retailers and given it to the consumers, because the consumer is totally up to speed on what the prices are.” Retailers have mixed feelings about this shift.

Generally, companies prefer limited discounts, e-mailed to a select group of customers or sent inside packages with a purchase. When the coupons get wider exposure, retailers lose control, potentially costing them more money than they expected.

Two years ago, Sierra Trading Post, a site that sells overstock outdoor gear, sent a coupon code with 1,000 of its 50 million catalogs, expecting to generate $2,000 in sales. Instead, it led to $300,000 in sales after a customer posted it online.

“We certainly appreciated the sales, but sales with that code were at a very low margin,” said David Giacomini, director of catalog operations for the company. Sierra Trading now sends some coupons directly to Web sites and limits catalog codes to three uses.

Some retailers try to battle the coupon sites. Harry & David, a seller of fruit baskets, threatened legal action against this spring for publishing its discounts, prompting the coupon site to steer visitors to other gift-basket companies. William Ihle, a spokesman for Harry & David, said that all of its deals were available on its own site and the coupon sites “disingenuously mislead the consumer” by posting expired or unverified discounts.

Other retailers use the coupon sites as marketing tools. For example, when Scott Kluth founded CouponCabin in 2003, he had discounts for only 180 stores, and many of them did not like it. Today, 1,300 merchants, including Dell, Target, Home Depot and Victoria’s Secret, send him discount codes — totaling about a thousand a week.

“They have seen the power of a coupon, in this economy especially, and they’re absolutely embracing us,” Mr. Kluth said.

Most of the sites list coupon codes submitted by readers and retailers. Shoppers can comment on whether the coupon worked and share tips in user forums. Some sites e-mail coupon lists to subscribers. goes further with an add-on to the Firefox browser that alerts users when an e-commerce site they are visiting has a discount.

Many of the coupon sites are run by Web entrepreneurs who see a business opportunity in collecting online discount codes at one site. They earn a commission from the retailer when a customer makes a purchase. Sites like and Ebates offer shoppers cash back on purchases if they sign in and then click through to the retailer.

But other discount aggregator sites were started by passionate shoppers eager to share their bargain-hunting wisdom. Kathryn Finney began Budget Fashionista in 2003, when she finished graduate school and found herself broke and newly interested in bargains. Now, “it’s in my blood,” she said. “I cannot physically pay full price.”

Ms. Finney’s site was originally aimed at friends and family, but it quickly developed a following that has spiked 60 percent since August to 550,000 visitors a month. “We’re gaining a whole new level of fans, who maybe weren’t budget shoppers last year,” Ms. Finney said. Her site now makes money through advertising and referral fees.

Among her coupon-scouting tips: search the name of an online store and the word “coupon” and compare the promotions, because bigger sites are often able to negotiate better offers; if you find a coupon for an offline store, call the Web site and ask it to match the price; and insist upon free shipping, even if it means calling the manager and asking for a coupon code.

Deborah Dockendorf, a power Web shopper in Chicago, has another piece of advice: if you cannot immediately find a coupon code for a specific store, just wait. “It might be two weeks, but you will have a code for it,” she said.

Even though Ms. Dockendorf lives near the department stores of Michigan Avenue and the boutiques of Oak Street, she says she does 98 percent of her shopping online — always with a discount. She recently bought six pairs of $45 Wolford opaque stockings from Saks Fifth Avenue with a 40 percent discount and free shipping. She also snagged a $400 feather bed at half off from Pacific Coast Feather Company.

“I used to feel a little embarrassed about using them, like I was one of those coupon queens at the grocery store,” she said. “But now there is not a day that goes by when a friend doesn’t e-mail me for codes, and if I don’t have one, I can find one for them soon.”


3 Year Old Solves Rubik's Cube in 114 seconds


The End of Wall Street's Boom - Michael Lewis

The era that defined Wall Street is finally, officially over. Michael Lewis, who chronicled its excess in Liar’s Poker, returns to his old haunt to figure out what went wrong. - Canadian Source for Market Opinions


Robert Paterson's Weblog

Robert is the President of The Renewal Consulting Group Inc. which was founded in 1994. The motto of our firm is "Looking Beneath the Surface". We provide our clients with the deep insight and broad context that they often need to find solutions to novel situations.

For instance we developed a contextual picture, for Veterans Affairs, of all the issues related to the aging of Canada that provided VAC with the policy background to launch a strategy for seniors in Canada. We did the same type of deep context for the web and the digital divide enabling Industry Canada to launch its web strategy for Schools in Canada.

We have just completed an exceptionally complex assignment of this type helping NPR and 300 community Radio Stations define their challenges and opportunities in the new digital age.

Prior to running his own business, Rob worked for Dr Fraser Mustard, President of the CIAR, as his Senior Advisor for Outreach.

Before that he held a number of senior roles at CIBC. These roles included SVP HR for the bank where he was responsible for the bank's HR strategic direction, SVP Marketing for CIBC Investment Bank where he was responsible for the merger and integration of Wood Gundy and the bank. ED New Issues for CIBC Limited in London where he built the first part of CIBC's international investment banking business and AD Middle East for Wood Gundy where he established their business in Saudi Arabia.


App Store Apps - iPhone and iPod Touch Apps Reviewed Every Day


AppShopper: iPhone App Deals and Discovery - Recent Price Changes


iPhone App Store Price Drops, Sale Items, and Price Reductions - 148Apps


Conversations With A Younger Self - Kate Beaton


Amazon's - Shoes & Handbags - Free Overnight Shipping & Return Shipping is an exciting new destination for shoes and handbags dedicated to providing the best prices, selection, and overall experience you'll find online. To put it simply--we LOVE shoes and handbags. We've created a unique store that offers our customers the ability to find what they want easily and quickly, and with our free overnight shipping, free return shipping, price guarantee, and 365-day returns window, we offer our customers a no-risk opportunity to try us out.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Black Friday Ads - The Official Black Friday 2008 Website



Best Places to Retire - US News and World Report


Free Money Finance

Welcome to a new financial adventure! I've wanted to put my thoughts
down on this topic for some time, and I've decided that now is the
time. I hope someone out there joins me (and helps me out with these
thoughts by commenting/setting me straight), but if I remain alone,
I'll still get a lot out of this effort.

This site is about one simple thing: growing your net worth.
All financial topics are subsets of net worth, and this blog will
talk about them – but always with the goal in mind of increasing your
net worth – making you (and me!) better off financially.


Free Money Finance: A Salesman Tells How to Negotiate for the Best Price on Electronics

As many of you know, I'm a big advocate for asking for a discount on items you are buying. And the higher the price on the items, the more important this is. So when I saw a comment by a reader about how to negotiate when buying electronics (which we all know can be expensive), I emailed him. Turns out he's a salesman at a major electronics retailer. I asked him to give us the "inside scoop" on how we can best negotiate savings on electronics and here's what he suggested:

  • The best time to negotiate is end of the month.  I don't mean like two weeks before.  I mean like the 30th or 31st.  Sales managers are usually willing to take a lower amount because they have to "get stuff out the door" to make their bonus.  I'd also say for end of the pay period, but you never know when that is.
  • If it's an entry-level TV (say a 720p or a manufacturer's low-end 1080p) or a TV below 42", don't expect much of a discount.  These items usually have the least markup percentage-wise.  If, however, you're going high-end, you'll find people more willing to work with you.
  • Don't negotiate only on price.  Most managers don't want to just give away money, but if you're buying a TV and a home theater system, there may be some leeway when it comes to any accessories you need.  Maybe throw in the HDMI cable, or free delivery or setup.
  • A local or regional store is more likely to be movable than a big-box like Best Buy or Sears.  Although, recently, Best Buy has been haggling more and Circuit City is DESPERATE, so who knows.
  • Buy from a commissioned sales person.  We are professionals.  We know our stuff.  We want to make a deal with you.  We want your business.  We are there after the sale.  You think that part-timer that makes $9.00 an hour cares if you're happy with your purchase?  I sure care.  If you're not happy and return the TV, I don't get paid.  If your delivery gets screwed up, it comes partly out of my pocket.  Most of the commissioned sales people I've met over the years know this.  Some don't, treat their customers like crap, and don't last long because they have a 30% return rate (yes, we do track that).  We've always said at work that the reason Circuit City, CompUSA, and Sears went downhill was because they got rid of their commissioned sales staff (or seriously hindered their earning potential).
  • Do price research.  If you see the TV on the Internet at a lower price, print the page out and take it with you.  Be wary, though, a lot of Internet retailers are not factory-authorized dealers, and we will tell you that if you buy from them, any manufacturer's warranty will be void (which is true).  We may not match it, but you may get a better deal from us.  Be prepared though, we WILL figure out your shipping charges (on a big TV, this can be as much as $200!) and adjust our quote.
  • Mention that you've been other places.  We're suckers for market share and taking you out of the market, so if we can get your business over the other guy, chances are, we'll do it.
  • Don't go too far.  We have our limits of what we're willing to do.  If you're mean, pushy, bossy, or set ultimatums, you most likely won't get what you want.  We have pride too.
  • Some brands will get you a better deal than others.  LG may have a deal with Joe's Electronics, Samsung may have given ABC Video a volume discount.  If you find a salesman pushing a brand that's questionable for odd reasons (Best Buy's notorious for this), chances are that's the brand they have the best margin with.
  • If you do negotiate with us, be discreet.  It's because of people that don't negotiate that we can with you.  If the guy next to us hears you, he'll want a better deal.  That'll make that salesman hate me, which means I in turn won't like you as much.
  • Don't expect too much right now.  Video margins are the lowest I've seen in the five years I've been in the industry.  There really aren't any "crazy" deals like there were last holiday season.  Sure, you'll find a 50" plasma for $899, but you can get that most of the time.  Now, if you want to buy audio with your TV (which you probably will once you hear the craptacular sound those 10 watt speakers on your new $2000 TV produce), then you can snatch a bargain.  You can usually haggle down to 30-45% off hang tag.
  • Don't hold off for the "bottoming out" that newspeople are predicting.  Trust me, they can't go much lower.  You're talking about going from 45% margins to 13% in 18 months.  Thirteen Percent!!  That's the average margin in a flat-panel TV.  If anything, I think prices will head UP in 2009, and most retailers agree.


11 ways to strike gold on Black Friday: Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog

• Compare deals. There's no shortage of Web sites that obtain and publish advance notice of Black Friday deals at leading retailers and e-tailers. Many of the hot specials are already listed on,,,,,, and  The sites often feature downloadable circulars and coupons, too. You can also find out which products come with rebates and which merchants offer free shipping.

Check to see if it's cheaper online. If you find a product in a flyer at a seemingly low price, go online first to determine whether you can get it elsewhere for less. Some sites that compare prices among Web retailers include;;, and is worth visiting, too, as our reader surveys have cited Amazon as one of the best places to appliances, electronics, and books at excellent prices.


The Consumerist: Shoppers Bite Back


x17online| Paparazzi Photos of Hollywood Celebs


Just Jared is the trend-spotting, hot online source for pop culture gossip, fabulous celeb photo galleries and breaking entertainment news.


The Superficial - Because You're Ugly


The Raw Story | A rational voice - Alternative news


The Blemish - Better than a slap to the face


TaStE WiTh ThE EyEs



JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments - Biological Experiments and Protocols on Video

Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is an online research
journal employing visualization to increase reproducibility and
transparency in biological sciences.

As every researcher in the life sciences knows, it can take weeks or
even months to learn, perfect, and apply new experimental techniques.
It is especially difficult to reproduce newly published studies
describing the advanced state-of-the-art techniques. Thus, much time
in the laboratory is spent learning techniques and procedures. This
is a never ending process for experimental scientists as
methodologies in this fast-growing field evolve and change with each
coming year (e.g. genomics and proteomics, most dramatically). The
time and resource-consuming process of learning and staying current
with techniques and procedures is a rate-limiting step in the
advancement of scientific research and drug discovery.

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Coupon codes and discounts for 20,000 online stores!

Find coupons for more than 20,000 stores


100 Notable Books of 2008 -

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Dr. Toy - The Name You Trust - Online Since 1995


Educational Toys and Specialty Toys - Buy Online at Fat Brain Toys


Funagain Games:The World's Best Game Source

Customer Favorites

Even if you're familiar with the old classics like Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble, there is a whole world of other amazing board games that can be difficult to navigate without help -- it's hard to know where to begin! So, we at Funagain have put together a series of articles to address some of the more common and complicated choices you have to make. Just take a few minutes here, and in no time, you'll be fondly reminiscing on the days when you were the budding gamer.

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This is Me


YouTube - futureshorts's Channel

Future Shorts is the largest short film organisation in the world,
running mini film festivals in over 25 countries where over 25,000
people attend every month. We are also a distributon label and cinematic
events company devoted to putting the excitement back into cinema.
Future Shorts believes in the short film medium as a means of furthering
cross cultural understanding through film. This channel brings you an
eclectic mix of innovative, raw, fresh and inspiring films from here and


The Black Hole


One Across - Search for Crossword Puzzle Answers - Solve Crossword Puzzles Online, Find Anagrams


Airfare – Cheap Airfares – Cheap Airfare Deals | The iPhone Application Resource


Second Rate Snacks

While on vacation, my husband Ethan and I were checking out the vending machine by the pool and noticed one of the offerings was a product called "Animal Snackers".  Amused by the blatant rip-off of "Animal Crackers", we started discussing what other products were rip-offs or "lesser" versions of more popular brand name snack foods.

Thus began our new hobby of roaming up and down the aisles of grocery stores and mini-marts, looking at packages and researching online.  I have to say, I have learned a lot.

I conduct taste-tests with the help of Ethan, my friends and my co-workers.  I'm always grateful for their feedback and of course always interested hearing readers' thoughts on these products.
Also, just thought I'd note that while the name of this blog is Second Rate Snacks, I chose to include drinks, candy and some packaged foods that will be classified as "psuedo-meals".

Monday, November 24, 2008


Stock Market News, Business News, Financial, Earnings, World Market News and Information -


Fast Money TV Show: Current Stock Picks and Wall Street Trading News and Info. -


Peter Schiff


Forex | Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Forex Brokers


Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007 (2nd Edition)


ban comic sans :: Putting the Sans in Comic Sans

In 1995 Microsoft released the font Comic Sans originally designed for comic book style talk bubbles containing informational help text. Since that time the typeface has been used in countless contexts from restaurant signage to college exams to medical information. These widespread abuses of printed type threaten to erode the very foundations upon which centuries of typographic history are built.

While we recognize the font may be appropriate in a few specific instances, our position is that the only effective means of ending this epidemic of abuse is to completely ban Comic Sans.

We understand font selection is a matter of personal preference and that many people may disagree with us. However, if you agree with our position, you can sign the online petition to ban comic sans.

In addition, you can contribute your photographs to the ban comic sans Flickr pool.


Historic Bridges of Michigan and Elsewhere Buying her way into the art party

A few months ago, a mystery began blossoming on the streets of New York. All around town, on hundreds of hoardings, bus shelters, phone kiosks and half a dozen billboards in high-traffic areas, a simple white-on-black phrase teased passersby: "See The World Through Ana's Eyes." What did it mean? The sheer omnipresence of the ads suggested it was the work of a movie studio, but no forthcoming releases seemed related. Workers in offices near the billboards quizzed each other and came up blank. Amateur sleuths went online to share theories, to no avail.

Then, late last month, the stark ads were replaced with reproductions of paintings composed of bursting, wild colours, and a new tag line: "See the world through Ana Tzarev's eyes." Oh, well then: Mystery solved.

Wait - Ana who?

Ana Tzarev is a 72-year-old painter, and though almost nobody has heard of her, she is about to become the first person in New York - indeed, perhaps in the history of the art world - to have her work carry a price tag of a million dollars without first ever having sold a single piece of art.


Gallery site:


another normal: blogging photo & design

Hi. I began shooting in grade school with an old Argus twin-lens reflex that my dad bought me and I've been shooting ever since. Currently, I'm shooting with a Nikon D300 which recently replaced my D70s. I also have a Nikon FA and a Mamiya 645. Both are great cameras but I simply don't have the luxury to continue in film even though I love it more.

Up until a few years ago, I was still shooting Ilford FP4, developing with Rodinal, and printing to Oriental Seagull G3. It wasn't until the Epson R2400 came out that I finally felt that a digital workflow was rivaling analog black & white. That's pretty much when I severed the darkroom ties.

Work-wise, I shoot for Estée Lauder and I also teach photography at Pratt Institute ( PORTFOLIO ). At EL, I use a Canon 5D with DynaLites. It's nice to be able to be intimately acquainted with both a Canon and a Nikon. Hopefully, I'll be able to share some insights. I love sharing what knowledge I have and that's been the catalyst to start this site.


garfield minus garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle. It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.



Fine Inuit art and collectables from Iqaluit
An Inuit owned company
Looking for a certain artists? we can help!
NOW...FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada and USA!

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Crackle, Inc., a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company formerly known as Grouper, is a multi-platform video entertainment network and studio that distributes the hottest emerging talent on the web and beyond. Crackle's addictive shows reach a global audience across the Internet, in the living room, and on devices including a broad range of Sony electronics. Crackle, in on-going collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment and other leading partners, discovers and promotes the stars of tomorrow.


BusinessWeek - Business News, Stock Market & Financial Advice


nobosh | Home of no bosh (no nonsense) business, finance, and technology news

A discussion page of Finance News, Academic articles, and other things
from and from pretty much everywhere else. Remember
Finance is FUN!!!



Welcome to Clusterstock! We're yet another site focused on the financial
markets. We offer proprietary and third-party analysis, financial
models, news, commentary, and aggregation. We're edited by Henry Blodget.


Silicon Alley Insider: Digital Business

SAI covers the intersection of the technology, media, and communications industries, with a focus on companies and people making waves and shaping digital business. Specifically, we provide news, commentary, and discussion about digital publishing, entertainment, news, music, social networking, mobile, and gaming.


Novelties - The Online Search Party - A Way to Share the Load -

OPPORTUNITIES for social networking abound on the Internet, but not when it comes to one standard job: using a browser and search engine to comb the Web for information. That task is still typically done solo, because browser displays and search procedures have traditionally been designed for a single user.

Now tools are being developed by Microsoft and other companies that let people at different computers search as a team, dividing responsibilities and pooling results and recommendations in a shared Web space on the browser display as they plan a family vacation, for instance, or research a medical problem.

Meredith Ringel Morris, a computer scientist at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Wash., has created one of these collaborative tools, SearchTogether, now available in a test version as a free download at The program is designed to work within the Internet Explorer 7 browser.

“Web search is usually considered a solitary activity,” Dr. Morris said. “But many tasks can benefit from joint searching


The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting

The Market Oracle is a FREE Daily Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting online publication.

We present in-depth analysis from over 150 experienced analysts on a range of views of the probable direction of the financial markets. Thus enabling our readers to arrive at an informed opinion on future market direction.


Investing: Stock Market News, Quotes, Charts & Commentary - MSN Money


Stock Market News, Opinion & Analysis, Investing Ideas -- Seeking Alpha


Goode Value Investing Blog

January 29, 2008:

My 2008 Predictions for Financial Catastrophe


UPC Database

Welcome to the Internet UPC Database! This free service is run as a hobby of mine. The information indexed here seems to be of use to many people for a variety of reasons.



NowPublic lets people work together to cover news events around the


If It's Hip, It's Here



Book Flap

Kepler's is an independent bookstore in Menlo Park, CA, that's been serving the Bay Area for 53 years. But our business goes far beyond selling books. It's about connecting with our community. We've got a lot going on - from author visits to special events. We've created this blog to keep you up to date and to get your feedback!


Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade


happy mundane

Happy Mundane is a place to celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary, happy colors, good design of any kind, and to take a moment to appreciate some things that get overlooked in the everyday.


Robert Steinberg 1947- 2008

On September 17th Robert Steinberg passed away. He was buried in
Boston on September 23rd, 2008. This blog is put together by friends
to celebrate his memory. We will be posting information on events
that celebrate his life

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