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The Wrap

TheWrap.Com, a bold and independent new voice covering the business
of entertainment and media, debuts on January 26, 2009.

Founded by award-winning journalist Sharon Waxman, the former
Hollywood correspondent for The New York Times, TheWrap.Com will
feature authoritative original reporting, curated news from around
the globe, and exclusive contributions from insiders in the
entertainment industry.


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Piqqem is an exciting new way to get information about stocks and see what everyone else is thinking.


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Wallstrip is where pop culture meets stock culture. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we take a look at a company whose stock is trading at or near an all-time high, and try to find the real world trend that explains why the stock is doing so well. - Real Investors. Real Ideas. Real Time.

StockTwits is an open, community-powered investment idea and information service . You can think of it as Bloomberg for the little guy and gal.




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A blog about how we inform ourselves and why: journalism, the media, news, communications and information

Friday, February 20, 2009


Stephen Fowler: Wife-Swap Video » Right Celebrity


Stephen Fowler on Wife Swap

Dear Mr. Fowler: 

I will start this letter by first stating that I rarely watch "reality" television.  I much prefer to watch what I consider, at least in my opinion, more worthwhile programs.  I would have never heard of you had it not been for a headline on Yahoo, claiming that you were the worst husband ever.  Out of curiosity I clicked the link and then read of your behavior on 'Wife Swap.'  As stated previously, I do not watch reality television so therefore I have never viewed a single episode of 'Wife Swap' but after reading about your rude and hateful behavior towards Gayla, I made it a point to watch this particular episode. 

It is here that I would like to tell you that I'm a Missouri resident.  I also will tell you that I'm educated.  I have two Bachelors degrees, one Masters degree, and am currently working on a Ph.D.  I have a BMI of 20 and I take good care of my body.  I also endorse environmental awareness and I live as 'green' as I can.  I also take an interest in other cultures and make it a point to stay current on global issues.  In short, I am everything a Missouri resident, a Midwesterner, should not be according to your highly prejudiced, myopic viewpoint. 

I took what I saw on 'Wife Swap' with an ample grain of salt as "reality" as portrayed on reality television may be a rather dubious representation of real life.  With that said, I was nonetheless horrified and appalled at what I can only describe as vicious, callous, spiteful, arrogant, hateful, if not downright pathological behavior on your part.  In fact, I am very confused as to why anyone with your so called intelligence and education can act, and treat others, like you did. 

It is therefore my opinion that you, sir, are a fraud.  It is my contention that you learned very little during your education.  If you had, you would have discovered how interconnected we are with others as a species.  You would have noted from your history lessons how elitists have abused the individuals they considered beneath them, as well as how kindly history now remembers those elitists.  You might have gained some perspective on how utterly insignificant we are when compared to the vastness of the universe.  You also might have learned humility and gratitude when you reflected on how very unlikely it is that we are even here.  Finally, if you would have been paying attention at University, you would have felt a sense of responsibility to serve humankind as well as the environment. 

The individuals you scorn have as much right to dignity as you, yet you completely demoralised that woman as well as the rest of the people captured by your wide brush strokes of generalisation.  You apparently believe that people who do not live up to your standards are subhuman.  That attitude, sir, is a very dangerous one to have as we have seen what happens when one group of people dehumanise another group. 

I am further saddened to see you teach your children the same bigoted ideals.  You are preparing them to carry on your legacy of arrogance and pompousness.  This is doing a disservice to them as they will be handicapped in socialisation skills with their fellow humans as well as healthy emotional development.  I hope that these apples will fall far, far from your tree.   

I care not that you insulted my country as becoming an American was simply an accident of my birth.  I care not that you insulted my entire state as becoming a resident of Missouri was again, simply an accident of birth.  My skin is thick enough to dismiss your venom as the ideals of a bigot.   

I do not forgive you your horrendous behavior or your equally sickening morality.   

Although there is probably very little hope for you at this point, I recommend that now become a student of humanity.  Perhaps then you will learn what it means to be human.



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the Idea Shower » » Read it Later - Firefox Extension BETA

This Firefox extension allows you to save pages of interest to read later. It eliminates cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest. A commenter summed it up very well: "It's a 'staging area' for bookmarks."


Spark Minute

David Spark is a journalist, consultant, producer, and owner of Spark Media Solutions, a firm that helps companies build voice through storytelling. This is his blog for his daily technology radio report, The Spark Minute, on Green 960 online and radio and 910 KNEW in San Francisco.


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Splash Page

You've turned the page to the place where panels and popcorn meet. From coverage of comic-inspired flicks to that buzzed-about graphic novel that's being primed for the big-screen, you'll find it all here at MTV's Splash Page.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be carried out with full transparency and accountability -- and is the centerpiece of that effort. In a short video, President Obama describes the site and talks about how you'll be able to track the Recovery Act's progress every step of the way.


[ENG SUB] Crazy woman misses flight A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA


A woman missed her flight at the boarding gate HKIA


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Listen to Live Air Traffic Control Communications |

I originally launched as a small place on the web to share live air traffic communications from Boston's Logan Airport. Since then it has grown rapidly and become a popular resource for those who enjoy listening to and talking about Air Traffic Control (ATC)...aviation enthusiasts, student pilots, student air traffic controllers, flight simulation enthusiasts, FBO operators, airline operators, and just about anyone with an interest in aviation communications. It's even used by nervous flyers who want to simply get a peek into a world they don't normally get to experience (unless they're flying on United Airlines and listening to Channel 9).


The Barbershop: Dennis Byrne, proprietor

"Dennis Byrne...[and others] have been so consistently wrong on so
many issues...[they should] open barbershops, where they could
pontificate to their hearts' content but with much less potential
damage to the body politic." --Moti Rieber, Chicago Tribune, Letter
to the Editor, Feb. 12, 2007

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DC Universe

Beginning in 1935, the fledgling company that was to become DC Comics produced a series of comics industry milestones. The company launched a brand new industry by publishing NEW FUN COMICS, the very first comic book that consisted entirely of previously unpublished material. Several years later DETECTIVE COMICS #1 became the first comic book devoted to a single theme. In 1938, DC again made history with ACTION COMICS, featuring the debut of SUPERMAN, thereby giving birth to the super hero genre. Shortly thereafter, another milestone character, BATMAN, was introduced in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS. The popularity of the super hero resulted in the introduction of many fantastic characters in the 40s. Amazingly, many of these are still popular today, such as The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, as well as the first super-team, the Justice Society of America (JSA), which was followed years later by the Justice League of America (JLA).


The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Hippo Singer

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