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Who Is Charles Gadda?

For the past two years, I have quietly and rigorously chronicled the activity of an unknown individual who has dedicated himself (or herself) to the criticism of the traveling Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition presently touring North America. The focus of this criticism surrounds the theories of Professor Norman Golb, who believes the Dead Sea Scrolls were not written at Qumran, but were the product of multiple libraries surrounding Jerusalem. Because this view is not widely accepted, this individual has undertaken a systematic campaign of promotion and defense of the academic views of Dr. Golb. In addition, this individual has perpetrated an unrelenting campaign of criticism, defamation, and accusation of scholars involved in the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibitions and other Dead Sea Scrolls scholars that accept a view of the scrolls that links them to a group of Jewish sectarians at Qumran.

I make no accusations on this page, and I draw no conclusions. In fact, I have been very careful not to do so. This page is nothing more than an accumulation of data surrounding a particular use of anonymous internet personalities and aliases dedicated to the propagation of Dr. Golb's views, and the criticism of all those who disagree. I have finally decided to organize this data here in my private sandbox, where it can be stored and saved until I decide what to do with it next. Until such a time as this, please disregard this data, for it is a work in progress - a mere working copy of a yet unpublished work...


Thoughts on Antiquity blog


Dr Jim West blog on Bible, theology, archeology, current events

This is one of the best resource pages for study of the Bible on the internet.  -- Niels Peter Lemche, University of Copenhagen


The United States Department of Justice - United States v. Bernard L. Madoff

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