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Kenneth W. Rendell, Inc. - Historical Documents | Autographs

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of original historical documents, historical autographs, letters, manuscripts, signed photographs, autographs and signed books in all fields available for purchase from this website and in our Madison Avenue Gallery in New York City.

The Largest and Most Diverse Collection of Historical Autographs and Documents

Our collections of historical documents for sale are considered to be the largest and most diverse in the world. They contain historical autographs - signatures of people of great magnitude in history. Our historical documents and signed book collections are comprised of a wide range of subjects that include: Americana, Military, Music, Literature, Presidents, Royalty, World Leaders, Inventors, Explorers, Civil War, Business, Aviation, Russia, South America, Science, Western Americana, Founding Fathers, Religion, Art, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and hundreds of other significant individuals who have shaped history.

This historical documents company website will take you into the world of collecting history that comes to life! 2010 marks 51 years since I issued my first catalog of presidential autographs and I have written this website to provide as much information as possible about who we are, what we do, and what we offer in a no-nonsense, verifiable way. Collecting historical letters, documents, autographs and historical manuscripts is the most intimate window into the personalities, time periods, and subjects that you are interested in. A personal view and sense of intimacy that historical letters and documents bring to the past is the best investment you can make in the future — an investment in understanding history and therefore the future.

This blog's purpose is to present to the public one man's view of

My main focus will be on the hypocrisy and foibles which emanate so
regularly from Washington, D.C., but which are largely ignored by the
mainstream media.

But unlike some bloggers, I do not discount the value of the media.
This blog will never be able to match resources with the giants of
the journalism profession, and I therefore utilize them as resources
for much of what I write about.


The Rundown News Blog | Online NewsHour | PBS


Top Ranked Cars - Best Cars & Trucks - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews


Welcome to Priority Candidates, Inc.

PRIORITY CANDIDATES, INC.SM prepares college/post college students to get hired for their first job. We are specialists in the business of hiring preparation and acceleration, strictly focused on college/graduate school students as well as recent graduates.

We employ a distinctly different approach and proprietary system to prepare our student-clients. We leverage 30-plus years of experience in knowing what Corporate America looks for in entry-level hires — having screened and recruited literally thousands of candidates for hundreds of small, medium and large-sized companies.t


Surf Sisters - Standing Here Crying


The vegetable orchestra (Vienna)


Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion

Funny or Die's Presidential Reunion from Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, Ron Howard, Jim Carrey, Fred Armisen, Darrell Hammond, Dan Aykroyd, Maya Rudolph, Dana Carvey, FOD Team, Jake, and Antonio Scarlata - Video


YouTube - jaybobed's Channel for Dave Can Cook

Hey, I hope everyone is have fun watching me cook.  My joke is that I am the "World's Greatest Chef."  I think that we all should be the "World's Greatest Chef" in our own kitchens.  If you cook for your family almost everyday of the week, then you are their "World's Greatest Chef." If you were not, then they would not keep coming back for more.  Lets all try and be the "World's Greatest Chef" for our families.  Please let me know what you think.  I love suggestions and I will try and cook almost anything.  Let me know.


I have lived all over the Carolinas.  When I was in the army, I was stationed in Korea and Arizona.  After the army I lived in Naples, Italy for three years, learning how to cook.  I cook most things with a Carolina Twist.  Cooking is what tastes good.  Don't hold me to a recipe.  I go with what TASTE GOOD!


5min - Find the best how to, instructional and DIY videos – Life Videopedia


Cheeseburger Meatloaf Recipe Video –


Reluctant Gourmet

Back in 1997 when I was really getting into teaching myself to cook I started buying cookbooks and subscribing to cooking magazines. I found that they were written by professionals for other professionals and did not address my needs and level of understanding.

At the same time the Internet was taking off and I wanted to learn how to build a web site. The result is the Reluctant Gourmet Web Site where I took recipes that I wanted to prepare from cookbooks and cooking magazines and translate them into a language I understood.


Errol Morris

Roger Ebert has said, "After twenty years of reviewing films, I haven't found another filmmaker who intrigues me more...Errol Morris is like a magician, and as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini." Recently, the Guardian listed him as one of the ten most important film directors in the world.

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Harry Shearer Music Videos: "Glimmers of Hope"

The Mercenary Geologist Michael S. "Mickey" Fulp is a Certified Professional Geologist with a B.Sc. Earth Sciences with honor from the University of Tulsa, and M.Sc. Geology from the University of New Mexico. Mickey has over 30 years experience as an exploration geologist searching for economic deposits of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, coal, uranium, oil and gas, and water in North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

Mickey has worked for junior explorers, major mining companies, private companies, and investors as a consulting economic geologist for the past 22 years, specializing in geological mapping, property evaluation, and business development. In addition to Mickey's professional credentials and experience, he is high-altitude proficient and is bilingual in English and Spanish. From 2003 to 2006, Mickey made four outcrop ore discoveries in Peru, Nevada, Chile, and British Columbia.

Mickey is well-known throughout the mining and exploration community for his ongoing work as an analyst, newsletter writer, and speaker.

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Deadspin, Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion


OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - RGM version


Joanna Newsom - '81 (New Song)

Adland was founded as an old fashioned website back in the spring of 1996 by Dabitch - Åsk Wäppling. The core idea was to bitch, rant and gossip about advertising while collecting ads of all media for reference, and gather all likeminded adgrunts to join in while showing off their ad-work. The nome de plume habit was to prevent us all from getting canned - Dabitch still works as an advertising Art Director by day, nerd by night.


The Long Gone Daddy - A different view of San Francisco – New York – Middle East – Africa

My name is Eamon Kircher-Allen. I'm a journalist writing, podcasting and photographing Africa and the Middle East (and sometimes, NYC, San Francisco and music -- my other favorite subjects).

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TARP Tales | Once upon a time...

Following the recent failures of some of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., the Bush administration signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act into law in October 2008 and created the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. Armed with $700 billion of taxpayer money, TARP has been charged with keeping banks and other big businesses afloat during the economic downturn.

Since its inception, TARP has come under criticism for a lack of transparency, oversight, and effectiveness. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) created to serve as a central repository for TARP information. The site compiles the latest news stories, reports, and congressional hearings related to TARP expenditures in one user-friendly location.


Exit Through The Gift Shop - A Banksy Film - Trailer




xtranormal's mission is to bring movie-making to the people. Everyone watches movies and we believe everyone can make movies. Movie-making, short and long, online and on-screen, private and public, will be the most important communications process of the 21st century.

Our revolutionary approach to movie-making builds on an almost universally held skill—typing. You type something; we turn it into a movie. On the web and on the desktop.

Make a movie now with one of these showpaks!


mental_floss magazine - Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix

For the record: mental_floss magazine is an intelligent read, but not too intelligent. We're the sort of intelligent that you hang out with for a while, enjoy our company, laugh a little, smile a lot and then we part ways. Great times. And you only realize how much you learned from us after a little while. Like a couple days later when you're impressing your friends with all these intriguing facts and things you picked up from us, and they ask you how you know so much, and you think back on that great afternoon you spent with us and you smile.

And then you lie and say you read a lot.

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American Idol | E! Online IDOL


Top News and Analysis From AOL News


The Envelope - LA Times

The Awards Insider


Primetime in No Time - Yahoo! TV - A Recap of Last Night's TV Shows


The Official Website of World-Class Entertainer Dave Hill

Hello and welcome to my popular website! Yeah, I know- it's pretty incredible. One minute you're just some regular guy walking down the street and maybe eating a sandwich or something and the next minute you have your very own home on the "net" and the world is full of light and magic and totally random people aren't threatening to kick your ass anymore. At least that's how it happened with me. Anyway, whether you're as obsessed with me as I am or you're simply looking to kill a little time while waiting for that mud mask of yours to dry, then you have just hit a street called Easy because- as mentioned earlier- this is my popular website and it's full of all the pants-pissing excitement we have come to expect from the Internet- including but not limited to information on me, Dave Hill, and other stuff I might somehow be involved with on some level! If you are prone to seizures or have any other serious medical condition that is aggravated by exposure to things once thought impossible, I suggest you step away from your computer immediately because I totally do not need the hassle right now. However, if you are feeling spry and reasonably hydrated, then brace yourself for Internet fun that is both fun and informative and other things. Click on the buttons below and then be magically whisked away to another page that somehow deals with the thing that is mentioned on the button. The future is now!
Together we can make a difference,
Dave Hill
If you are looking for the master hypnotist/illusionist of the same name, I am not him (though I do admit to having made a few things disappear in my time. Ha!). Also, I am not the Dave Hill who played guitar in the '70's British arena rock group Slade (though I will be the first to admit that that would have been pretty awesome).

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Slant Magazine

Co-founded by Ed Gonzalez and Sal Cinquemani in 2001, Slant Magazine has become known for its edgy, irreverent, and often funny pop cultural criticism. Using a grassroots approach, the site has carved a unique niche for itself in both the online film and music circles. Roger Ebert of theChicago Sun Times has called Gonzalez a "critic I admire" because of his "forcible writing style," while the New York Times cited Slant as "a repository of passionate and often prickly pop-cultural analysis."


Neil Young - Long may you run

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Media Matters for America


Gawker — Gossip from Manhattan and the Beltway to Hollywood and the Valley

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