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(Hopefully) good sports essays and observations for good sports by a guy who tries (and can sometimes fail) to be a good sport.

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Ministerial Seminary of America | Online Ordinations | Ministerial Education | Non Denominational Ordination

Because we believe we are all ministers and teachers of God we validate our belief by granting ordination to those who choose to answer their calling.  A request for ordination demonstrates to us purposeful intent regarding the acceptance of such a calling.  We offer an authentic means to become a Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or Cleric. Whether you are wishing to perform that special ceremony for a friend or family member, or set up your church or ministry, we are here to help.

After you receive your ordination, you are a recognized cleric by our seminary.  Your name and date of ordination will be placed in our data base for future reference and validation.


Paperless Post

Your mother used to insist that traditional, mailed notes were the best way to say "thanks," and communicate formally, but these days paper has become almost obsolete. Today's communication is electronic.

Paperless Post's invitations and announcements have the beauty and thoughfulness of traditional cardstock, with the convenience and accessibility of today.

Additionally, in a world of environmental consciousness, every piece of paper mail squanders energy and trees. Go Paperless. It's sustainable and convenient. Your other mother (Earth) will approve.


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