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Welcome! Business Insider is a new business site with deep financial, entertainment, green tech and digital industry verticals. The flagship vertical, Silicon Alley Insider, launched on July 19, 2007, led by DoubleClick founders Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan and former top-ranked Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget.
One year after launch, many more verticals joined Silicon Alley Insider, from Clusterstock to Law Review, The Wire, and more. The verticals have been relaunched under one brand to focus on building the leading online business news site for the digital age.  There are no subscription fees or production delays.  Business Insider is dedicated to aggregating, reporting, and analyzing the top news stories across the web and delivering them to you at rapid-fire pace.


Revision3: the best TV shows on the internet

Revision3 is the leading television network for the internet
generation. We create and produce all-original episodic community
driven programs watched by a super-committed and passionate fan base.



Kickstarter is more than a platform for funding creative projects — it's a way to tell stories. A musician completes a long-dreamed project, an artist attempts something incredible, a hopeful pursues their deepest ambition. Stories abound on Kickstarter. 

Creators share these stories through project updates, essentially project-specific blogs recorded as it happens. Stumbling across an amazing project update is one of Kickstarter's greatest pleasures. It's like reality TV, except real.

Today we're introducing a new section of the site that makes it much easier to experience these stories, called Follow. Follow is a simple activity feed of what's happening on Kickstarter that includes:

Stuff We Like: Great finds from around Kickstarter picked by the Kickstarter team: project updates, project launches, newly successful projects. We look at everything and share the best stuff as we find it.

Backed Projects: Developments from the projects you're backing: the latest project updates, the big milestones, etc.

Created Projects: All activity related to your created project: new backers, latest comments, and more.

Followed Projects: A new function on Kickstarter. Following a project allows you to track the updates of projects you're interested in, but not backing. To follow a project, look for the "Follow This Project" icon:K

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London 2012 Mascots


Could the Gulf of Mexico Become the Dead Sea? |

Everyone in the world knows about the BP disaster but what most didn't know until last Sunday night was why the well blew. That was explained on the American investigative journalism TV program 60 Minutes. In an interview Mike Williams, the head of electronic operations on the doomed oil rig, explained what happened and you can figure out who was to blame. (Want to take bets that no heads roll?) Now the oil -- both on the surface and under the surface -- is beginning to circulate in the relatively closed-in Gulf of Mexico, threatening to turn it into the ecological crime of the decade. And once it hits the Gulf Stream itself, it will go on a 6-knot ride right through North America's fishery and on to Europe


'Hallelujah': Who sang it best? Leonard Cohen, kd lang, Justin Timberlake, Rufus Wainwright or Lee DeWyze? - The Dish Rag - Zap2it

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BookDaily - Book Samples for Book Lovers

Welcome fellow book lovers! Here at, we make it easy for you to discover new books to read as well as your old favorites.
You can now read the first chapter of more than 60,000 titles from BookDaily. Browse all you want on the Web site. When you set up an account, you can receive first chapters of your choosing by email, along with regular updates from your favorite genres and publishers.


National Insurance Crime Bureau

Insurance criminals are ripping off the insurance industry and the
American public daily. This results in higher insurance premiums for all
of us. Keeping money in our pockets starts by educating ourselves about
what fraud and theft is, who commits these types of crimes and how we
can protect ourselves from becoming victims. Consumers are a vital part
of the solution.


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Tweet Buzzer lets you see which brands get talked about most on Twitter.


Top 50 Twitter Tracking and Analytics Tools

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15 Best Twitter Tools | handytwitter



Twitter Tools, Twitter tips and tricks - Handy Twitter

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