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I Can Stalk U - Raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing

Now, we love Twitter and posting photos of our lunch, however, we don't feel that enough people realize what kind of data they are posting, albeit inadvertantly. By posting this information, they are allowing their movements to be recorded and analyized by anyone: from a government to a nosy neighbor.

Monday, August 09, 2010


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UNEMPLOYEDJD.COM | Supporting Law School Transparency & Career Counseling Reform

My name is Ethan Haines. I stand in place of countless law students and recent graduates who have been disillusioned by law school employment statistics, commercial school rankings, and antiquated career counseling programs. I designated myself class representative since these students are not able to come forward themselves, for fear that vocalizing their concerns will negatively affect their careers.

On August 5, 2010, I began a hunger strike to bring awareness to the concerns of my classmates, as detailed in the Notice I forwarded to law school administrators at ten of the nation\'s top law schools.

This website will chronicle my hunger strike, dealings with law school administrators, and feature personal stories from law students and recent law graduates. This will not be an easy feat, but I am committed to inspiring change because you deserve to have your stories told and your concerns addressed.

"Being the change I want to see..."

Ethan Haines

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