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Cute Overload

At Cute Overload, we scour the Web for only the finest in cute imagery. Imagery that is worth your Internet browsing time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in, People!


The Consumerist

The Consumerist highlights the persistent, shameless gaffes of modern consumerism - and the latest scams, rip-offs, hot deals and freebies. We also encourage our readers to tell us about their everyday experiences with absurdities of consumer culture - and suggest ways for them to fight back.


Nicole Hamaker (pinchmysalt) on Pinterest

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Food, Recipes, and Photography — Pinch My Salt

Over the last few years, I have come to realize that creating a meal in my own kitchen is not only healthier and more economical than eating out, it's also a lot more fun! Through this site I hope to share my enthusiasm for cooking and perhaps convince a few people that with fresh ingredients, a little imagination, and some good music playing in the background, anyone can cook great meals and enjoy it too!
I started this blog five years ago while living in Italy.  I had the wonderful opportunity to spend four years living on the island of Sicily – an experience that was just as amazing as it sounds.  I have always loved to cook but the sights, sounds, and tastes of Sicily inspired me in ways I never could have imagined. Pinch My Salt is the result of those experiences.


RealClearMarkets: Market-Related News, Analysis & Commentary


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