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BlackBook is the insider's guide to where style and substance intersect in popular culture today. BlackBook provides sophisticated, relevant, and visually stunning takes on restaurants, nightlife, travel, fashion, Hollywood, entertainment, and the arts.


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Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Muckety - Exploring the paths of power and influence

We specialize in the paths of influence - encompassing government, business and nonprofit affiliations. But we also show connections users might omit from their own public profiles, including family members, political involvement, lobbying activity and criminal charges.

Our maps focus on actual relationships - not mere connections or clustering. Roll your mouse over the connecting lines between actors in our maps, and you'll see the specifics of their relationship.


The Happy Body

Most people approach fitness and weight loss in all the wrong ways. The result is a vicious cycle involving disappointing ups and downs,
wasted money and needless dependence on gurus and trainers. The Happy Body Program is different. Utilizing their unique and medically
sound system involving nutrition, exercise and relaxation, world-renowned teachers Aniela & Jerzy Gregorek have helped countless others
achieve the desired results of a balanced lifestyle featuring improved health and greater youthfulness.


News, Scores and Fan Opinion Powered by 316 Sports Blogs - SB Nation

SB Nation was born through the passion of a frustrated sports fan who used to be a print reporter. He felt like no traditional media outlet was covering his team the way that he wanted, which was with a passionate, authoritative voice that would also remain true to a lot of the journalistic principles. In short, professional quality, fan perspective.

We firmly believe that sports objectivity is a myth. We've always been forthcoming about the fact that we're relentlessly passionate about the teams and sports we cover. Across the SB Nation network you'll find that our writers live and breathe sports 24/7/365.

Our communities capture that passion and foster conversation about the topics that fans care about. This network was created by fans for fans, and that remains core to our editorial principles.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


Family Hack

We are a family with three small kids figuring out how to travel the world, work from anywhere while home schooling our kids. We also blather on about life hacks, saving money and cool stuff we love.

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