Friday, October 11, 2013


McDonald's Tasting Menu Dinner - Kung Pao McNuggets - Thrillist Nation

The simple joy of McDonald's... slow-cooked beef with blueberry-pomegranate sauce and thinly ribboned carrots.

About a week ago McDonald's threw a startlingly fancy party in New York City, and challenged renowned chefs to create legitimately gourmand-ish dishes by raiding their McMuffin-filled shelves and going to work.

Dale Talde of Talde and Pork Slope in Brooklyn, James Tahhan from Telemundo's cooking show Un Nuevo Dia, Aaron McCargo Jr., winner of the The Next Food Network Star, and Mickey D's in-house chef and total babe Jessica Foust worked some minor miracles and turned everything from Chicken McNuggets to hash browns into, well, something else.

The sad part: there's about a negative-zero percent chance that any of these will ever be on a real menu at the Arches. The happy part: looking at the below photos will still fill you with processed wonder.


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The Walk-Through — Real Estate — SFGate

Twice a week, The Chronicle features a local home on the market that caught our eye for its architecture, history or character.


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